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Three Rivers, MI, United States
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so an atm a month ago charged my account without giving me me cash in return 460.00 to be exact..first i went to the bank of the atm they said call money net, so i did, . i was told wait 24 hour, wastold the computer says atm didnt give cash called 24hrs later they said up to 3 biz days so after a holiday weekend 5 days later called and was then told go to the bank they will refund your money, go to the bank atm company agreed no cash from atm, so now all 3 agree i got no money, they cant help its not there accont.. so called again.. was told file dispute, if emailed, will be refunded as soon as email is recieved . 3 days later called again, the supervisor says oh you need to update your address because your moving, ok no biggie, also wait 10 biz days tops, no exact time but within 2 weeks youll have your money, called today, no i have to wait one more week for new dispute form because she made me change my address, the wait another week for it to make it back to money net, then another 2 weeks for a decision.

all i want is the money owed to me from my paycheck, thats my hard earned money, i did nothing i should not be punished and have to go threw all this for money owed to me from a company when ALL there computers state that the atm didnt give me any money... i need legal help

Jun 12, 2017

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