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my account

My job deposited money in to my account. i know exactly how they deposited. I saw that the bank took out $2.02 from my account. I called customer service what happened to the $2.02 im missing. The lady told me before the deposit was made my bank account was at -$2.02. When i go online it doesnt show a -$2.02 it shows a postive $2.02. If its negative then why dont i see the negative. I just feel like this bank is just making money off of me.

my account
my account

  • Ty
    Tysh Jan 15, 2017

    Omg. In the banking world, we do not use the "-" for negative. If it is in brackets, it's owing. If there are no brackets, it's positive.

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fraud denial

on december 2th there was a fraud activity on my account with a withdraw from a mexico atm of 500$USD
i called right away disputed it canceled the card, they investigated it twoweeks passed, they denied my claim for lack of evidence ??? what kind of evidence they need i mean common?
not only that, they gave me a call back number for a agent assigned to my case she never answeres i leave avoice message and she never calls back. This company is a joke.

lack of help with stolen card

I reported that my card was stolen on 12/18/2016. I was told that I had to call back after the transaction went through because they were all pending. I called back on the 19th. I was told that those transactions were being desputed. On the 29th I was told you guys lost the info on the 19th. So than I had to fax money network a hand written despute. It's been 3 business days and every time I call money network they tell me there is no update of the fax. They also say they have no way of contacting the despute department. This is awful. My card is my payroll card. I am the victim of fraud and I get no help from the bank that holds my payroll check.

Thank you
Kasey Tweed

invalid username or password

At the beginning of the month (December 2017) I tried to access my Piggy Bank account when I got the invalid...

don't trust this company

So I work at Walmart and with in the first week of getting my money network card I got my pay on it. I decided to go into the subway in Walmart and buy a sandwich. It coast me $4.52. After letting the transaction go through I seen they charged me twice. Once $4.52 and another $4.84. I go back to subway for me to explain my situation and they tell me to call my bank. So I call money network and they tell me I have to wait 4 days before I can make a dispute of the transaction... so I call them 5 days later all for them to tell me they have to cancel my card that I just got and wait 10 days for a new one... I said "well would I be able to use this card until it comes in the mail" she tells me no. So I said what about the money in my account and when I get paid in 4 days? She tells me I have to wait. Worst company that I have ever had to deal with by far! Don't use this s**t service, save yourself the time and headach and don't use them.

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customer service

I tried your customer service line which didn't recognize my number.
It's: [protected]
Your company supposedly made a charge back to my E-Trade account claiming I have insufficient funds when I do. I have funds in my account please replace any charge back and the $25 fee strafe wants to charge me.
Karl Wagner

pay card

I see my problem is not new. Money has been on hold for over a year. I explained this was setup through my employer and they should have all the necessary data. Still no help. I am closing my account to finally get my money and I have a petition at my company to stop using money network services and begin with another card service like rush cards. I've reached out to some and explained my problem and have them sending information to our parent company so we can get a better deal and some satisfaction. I would not voluntarily use money network again nor would I recommend it to anyone. It's not fair to place people's money on hold for this long. I'm not sure that it's even legal. Staff is friendly but not helpful. Seems almost like a scam. If anyone else took my money and held it refusing to return it I think it would be a police matter.

very unprofessional

Date: 11-3-16 & 11-4-16
Cell# [protected]
* Okay so I have been a loyal customer with Money Network now for almost about a year now and NEVER once had a issue with them until just recently.
I stopped working at Walmart and started working for another company that pays more and easy for me to.
I've been getting direct deposit from my new job for going on 3 maybe 4 months now.
And just randomly while I'm at the store checking out I've noticed that my card wasn't working I completely confused being the fact that I knew how much money was in my account since I get alerts to my cell phone everyday at 9 am. I call them and they tell me I have a hold on my account being that I'm not longer a Walmart employee that they were switching my account to a premium account. I want to make everyone aware I was not notified my account would have been suspended for not sending in a copy of my ID, Social, and a proof of address.
The company would not release my card from being on a hold after I sent them a copy of my updated ID and my social along with my credit card information I have with them.
This COMPANY has been so unhelpful when I called them probably the 100th time I told them I was done with them and wanted to be removed from them as my company and I wanted them to send me a check in the mail of my remainder balance.
I was then told I needed to email or fax them why I wanted to close my account and where they are sending my check.
Why would I have to do such a thing being that I have been a loyal card holder with them for almost a year now.
You would think they would just release it.
So now I am waiting for my check to be sent out to me,
I would NOT recommend this COMPANY as a card holder for your money.
I will go out my way to make sure NOONE uses this company after everything I have been dealing with for the past TWO days.

refusal to lift hold on debit card

For months Money Network has had this "hold" on my debit card, I was asked to send in my social security card and an I.D, I have done this and still can't access my money. This is sloppy business on their part and their "customer service" staff doesn't know what they're talking about or how to answer any questions. I am tired of going without on their behalf, this is ridiculous and I would like to access my funds again, after that I will never do business with them again.

hold on money

Yes I am from Troy, Al and I am in a frantic right now. This company been had a hold on my card because of an address change. I am not upset about the address its just the time frame they ask for information to be sent and I did so now I wait 2 to 3 business days. Ok fax was sent Oct 5 so I started calling Oct 7 got noowhere. I was back and forth with these workers how sorry they are and I am toooo hot just going off. They continue to tell me no service rep was free to talk. Ok I call back now everyone gone after 30 minutes have to call back on Monday. Ok call on Monday still no justice they got my information looking at it but still no money gotta call back on Tuesday or Wednesday this is really not call for. I got 2 weeks check on that card and I told them by the time I get that hold off it will be 3 weeks.

  • Ji
    Jim MIller1 Jun 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we have the same problem my son worked for walmart and didnt use his card then when he went to
    use his card a couple months later it wont work called and they have a hold on his account and wont release his income until we fax them his ID and card number ? they wont email us anything or mail us a letter because they claim they already did ? what do we do just fax info to some number not knowing who is on the other end ? should be illiegal to hold his income that he worked for. please help

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  • Cm
    C. Mayweather Jul 27, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can they get away with this!!! All I did was activate my visa money network card with the same information with my work card from money network... Now my acct is on hold... The worst company ever!!!

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The company is not releasing funds earned through employment at Dave and Busters. They required copies of drivers license, SS card, birth certificate, and a signature. Once provided, they still did not release the funds claiming the address on the license was not the same as what they have on file.

replacing my card

Once again, I called in to have my card replaced. So far today, it's taking 8 days for a new card to reach me. Last time, it took more than three weeks. I ran out of money last time and was in a very inconvenient situation. This time, it's taking too long for no apparent reason.
If I call them to tell them this, they'll tell me they can mail another replacement card. Then when I get the first one, it'll be useless, so that I'll have to wait even more time and not just be able to access my money.
I'm about ready to be done with Money Network. After the years, they're not competent enough at card replacement for my satisfaction.
They say it'll take 5 business days, but they should say it'll take a minimum of 5 business days. Leaves me screwed up, because I asked them to replace my card, and they deactivated my older one.
A local bank does better than this. More competent at it.

personal loan

I received a called today, July 11, 2016, from a gentleman named Derrick Foster at extension 106 telling me...

visa payroll card services

Note:my daughter was paid through The money Network scam by Texas Roadhouse.I think the only way to stop thi...

money "magically" disappears

I go shopping and I check my account a few minutes later and it appears as if I had spent more than I actually had. I kept track of where I was, I should still have like $207 left. That isn't what they're saying. So basically, I'm out $131 and I'm not entirely sure if I'll get it back. I would've tried customer service...if I hadn't read the customer service reviews. This company is garbage, just garbage. Next pay period, I'm paying off what I owe my old bank and starting an account elsewhere, Money Network is trash!

deactivated my account without notice

I started using Money Network back in 2011 when the company I worked for gave me the option to direct deposit...

unwilling to close account and send balance

For two months my wife and I have been trying to close an account associated with your "Money Network" on...

7 faxes, 1 mailing, 3 hours on hold

Received a letter stating that my card was on hold due to the us patriot act and how they could not verify my identity. I faxed my social, drivers license, voter reg card, and credit card to show proof of my name, address, personal identity etc. They said they never received the 2 faxes as well as the items i mailed directly to them. I called them for the 5th time today only to put on hold for 3 hours. Still waiting to speak with a supervisor and someone who has a brain there to fix this 'identity' issue. This company should be ashamed of how they lose their client's personal information. I can never know what happened to the faxes even though i got a confirmation of the fax. I can also never know what happened to the items i mailed. I really hope that i'm not the next victim of having my identity stolen since my personal information is floating around money network headquarters. Simply pathetic.

hole on debit card

I have been as to send verificationof my home address and i have done so i have also been as to send verification of my drivers license and my social security card i have done so the representative on the phone tells me that it will take 24 hours to 72 hours to verify my information but in the meantime it has been over a month and they still have not release my card. I have faxed them 3 times and i have emailed them 3 times and the compliance office have never updated my information it is a very unprofessional company and everyone not to ever do any business with money network because they are rip offs and they are third party company that have people outside of the states speaking on behalf of them i don't know what else to do but write this complaint out to see if i can get some justice it's a damn shame that we don't have justice in our country when it comes to small people who work very hard for every dollar.

upgrading me card

All i want to do is upgrade me card. The money network customer service is absolutely terrible. I have faxed and emailed my information to them four times and its been three months and they still find a different problem every time i call to check on the status. One woman was extrememly rude and nasty, and was accusing me of lying on my documentation. Excuse me? I was very offended. They are a bunch of idiot who have no idea what the hell they are talking about. They are hassling and victimizing me for no reason. When asked why i had to fax over copies of all my information and not the next person, they had no reply. And then they have the absolute nerve to accuse me of lying. They really need to get there stuff together. Im still waiting.