Modlilymy 2 shirts that I ordered and paid to you in the amount of $56.23

S Nov 23, 2017

My order number is
My name is Shelley Hollick, my address for my 2 shirts is.
703 N.E. Hostmark Street. Apt. 107
Poulsbo, Washington.
I want my merchandise, I didn't open a pay pal acct. I paid with my visa..last 4 digits
9722. I expect a response back with my money or merchandise immediately, I had the choice to order pay pal or just you and I chose just you. So you have my merchandise, when I looked it up it showed my black and white blouses. The order number will show you the item. I tried to cal n it took me to pay pal n they hung up. Either give me a response n a date I'll be receiving my merchandise or money back in my account or my bank will be putting a charge on you for fraud. Give me my things. I don't make much money n need my stuff. I wish now I never would have never dealt with u. Once again I'm not pay pal. Please send me back e/mail within 24 hrs. Or sooner or my bank will handle it

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