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To whom it may concern: I was very disappointed yesterday 2/16/11 around 2:25 pm in the gas station that is located off the 405 in 15948 Roxford St - Sylmar, CA when i was getting off the fwy i saw i "NOW HIRING" sign when i went in to ask for a application there was a male checker and i ask him but another supervisor that was next to him answer and said

"It's a night shift position and I do not hire women" i said thankyou anyways and walk out the door feeling bad.

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  • Jd
      Jun 17, 2011

    Aaaawe, that is horrible. And yes, sad. But I am sure it wasn't against women. It is a dangerous job and he was probably thinking of your safety. - Sorry

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  • Jh
      Jun 28, 2011

    Good luck forming a legal case over just that. Will never happen. And not to mention, are you really that disappointed. You really wanted to work @ a highway gas station at night. You even said you just happened to see the sign. it isn't like you were all excited about the job and were going in for an interview.

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  • Ub
      Aug 18, 2016
    Mobil Gas Stations - Rudeness of personnel and dangerous gas dispensing
    Mobil Gas Stations
    United States

    This is my experience today on Aug 11, 2009 at the Mobile station 11512/8311 at 1242 Jacaranda Blvd, Venice Florida 34292. While filling up gas at this station, I noticed that they do not have a latch at the dispensing gun, which will shut off the gas automatically when the tank is full. So I was holding up a trigger all the time hoping that the system will not allow flow of the gasoline, when the tank gets full. That did not occured. My tank was overflowed, the gasoline spilled on my car and my clothes. When I complained about this incident to the owner he became very angry and rude and told me " get lost". He did not even stepped outside to look at the pump and make corrections as required by the safety standards. Moreover, one of his cashiers told me that in the future I will not be allow to use this station for buying gas. This sounds Two things should be considered. First- is the safety, while dealing with gasoline, the guns should be equipped with latches and have automatic shut off function, when a tank is full. Second -is the attitude of the owner and his staff towards the customers.

    I would like you to check this gas station and make proper considerations.

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