Mitsubishi / trash tv

Orlando, FL, United States
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Phone: 407-215-5234

I own an "older" (7 years) rear projection 65” TV model WS-65513. Late last year, the picture started showing up as waves that continued to get worse as the TV “warmed up”. We were shocked to learn from the repair technician that Mitsubishi no longer makes parts for this TV. He seemed to have been able to repair it but, within a month, the problem started up again. He now has it back in the shop and is still trying to locate a part (going on a total of 5 months now). I wrote to Mitsubishi saying it was hard to believe they had stopped making parts for a TV that was only 7 years old but they confirmed that is the case. I just wish I had purchased from a company that would continue to support a $2000 product for a lot longer than 7 years. This time around I'll deal with a more reputable company.


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