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Hello, I recently received services from the El Cajon San Diego California location. Upon my arrival I made sure to tell the representative that I will be needing a maintenance on my car along with an inspection to make sure everything is in working condition since I will be taking off on a road trip. All the questions I had, the representative (Monica Flores 304 tag#2408) was unable to answer referring back to another representative for answers. She then told me that there was a package that would cost me around 450$ (with coupon included) for what I need. So I accepted. I later receive a call stating that my cabin air filters need to be changed. So I agreed on having them changed.See Top 10 Worst Companies in El Cajon, CAA little later I received another call from monica stating that my tire sensors needed to be run through a diagnostic check since the light on the dashboard was on (which I don't recall it being on) I asked how much it would cost and she states that it would be around 65 for the diagnostics. I asked kindly for her to explain why it cost that much just for a diagnostic and she rudely answered back with a response that didn't even make sense. Stating that if I brought a computer in to fix that it would be a separate cost to fix my keyboard. At this point, very frustrated I declined the diagnostics. In which I thought was all included in the services that she sold to me. In addition, the car was suppose to be test driven in which it was not.
I feel as though I was blind sided and taken care of with extremely poor costumer service by a representative that truly has no knowledge of the different car services that Mitsubishi provides nor knowledge of Mitsubishi cars themselves. I would like to be compensated for the services that I thought were included in the cost and for such lousy costumer service. In addition, the car was suppose to be washed-which seems as thought it was only lightly rinsed.

Mitsubishi Motors

May 17, 2017

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