Mitsubishi Motorscomplimentary service not given

S Nov 20, 2017

Hi I took my car for my first servicing to CBS Mitsubishi service Centre, Durham on Nov18th, 2017 . But I was not given the complimentary welcome oil change saying that I have to meet a minimum of 7000 miles to avail it. But I was never disclosed of this criteria at the time of sale, nor in the owners coupon nor at the time of service appointment. But the problem is I primarily use my car to commute from office to home with an average of 50 miles a week and the coupon is expiring on Dec 31st, 2017 and going by my miles I will never fulfill this mileage criteria before Dec 31st. Now I find this welcome oil change phony and deceiving on the part of Mitsubishi towards its customers.
Also I don't see any service history records in my Mitsubishi owners account of the service done on Nov 18th even though I was told that it would be done.
A very disheartened Mitsubishi customer.

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