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Mitchum Cool Dry and Gel Deodorant / Horrible products!

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They took the place of the Powder Fresh ~~~ BAD MOVE! The cool dry (like sandpaper) and Gel (makes you wet for hours) are horrible products and the Powder Fresh (when you could find it) was Fabulous!!! I would buy a case of the Powder Fresh if I could find it... the other stuff is GARBAGE! I have been a loyal customer for more than 15 years...



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  • Ma
      13th of Feb, 2007
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    I'm trying to find out where I may purchase the solid Mitchum product. My son had such a body odor until I introduced him to Mitchum. I have been using Mitchum for years and love it.

    The biggest problem is, he and I to prefer the solid to the gel. It last longer and neither of us have been unable to find any place that carries the solid.

    I realize the gel is a new product but why not offer both to your loyal customers. Do we not count or do we have to take what you give? That may hurt your business when the consumers' is no longer valued!

    I trust you will help me out here.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this input and question.

    Marla Bateson

  • Cy
      6th of Jul, 2007
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    I have used Mitchum products for years. Lately I have noticed all my white tops are turned yellow in this arm pit. I wore a brand new top of periwinkle blue and it took all the color out of the arm pits. I noticed when packing my sweater away for the winter, it has taken the color out of them also. The exact brand I have used is Mitchum for Women Clear Gel, Shower Fresh.

  • Da
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    I just purchased for women Mitchum Cool Dry unscented Invisible Solid and it is the hardest things I ever tried to apply, it crumbles all over the place, and is very hard. I have used this product before and never had these kind of troubles, any ideas smb?

  • Vi
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    I have been using Mitchum for Women Shower Fresh Clear Gel for a number of years and have loved the product. A few months ago, for the first time since I've used Mitchum, I noticed that I could smell my underarm perspiration. Having recently changed my diet to become healthier, I could not understand what was going on. I generally drink 2 or more litres of water a day which should be a good thing. The weather has also not been hot. I was convinced that my body was trying to tell me something. Then yesterday, I visited a friend and saw that she had taken my advice and was also using Mitchum for Women Shower Fresh Clear Gel (she previously used the Mitchum for Women roll-on). I asked her how she finds the product and was amazed to hear that she has been smelling her underarm perspiration too. Surely this can't be a co-incidence (I hadn't yet mentioned the subject)? I'm beginning to wonder whether a particular batch was faulty? I recently finished the 'ineffective' product and started a new one ... and it seems to be working properly again. I'm really puzzled. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Oh, and I want to contact the consumer services to speak to them, but can't find a local contact number or email address. It only has USA details. I live in South Africa. Who should I contact? Any ideas?

  • Li
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    mitchum clear gel for women - staining clothing
    British Columbia

    This product has stained and ruined several items of my clothing.

  • Ne
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    good day i bought mitchum roll (shower fresh) on at clicks stores in south africa to my surprise the bottle was half empty, i went to the same store where i bought it and all the roll-ons were half empty. are all the 50ml half empty?? can you kindly forward the contact details i am in south africa

    kind regards

  • Ly
      4th of Aug, 2011
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    I was looking for a replacement deodorant due to the fact that I was using a roll-on product that left my clothes with a white powder residue on it. I decided to purchased Mitchum Power Gel sensitive skin for women and it turned out to be horrifically worse! The application of it was fine however, after it had dried it proceeded to crumble and flake in mass quantity not only leaving the sides of my black top largely covered in what resembled a grated gel candle but discoloured my skin a matt white! It continued to do this for about an hour regardless of the multiple times I brushed the 'crumbs' off my clothes and tried to remove the product from my skin. Disgusting.

  • Ma
      4th of Mar, 2012
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  • Su
      3rd of Oct, 2012
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    I too am experiencing odour using the gel, which I never used to before. Please, if you have changed the formula, change it back!!!

  • Ca
      21st of Jul, 2014
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    i bought the spray and the can was faulty, and i waisted my money so then I went to buy the gel... which makes me stink????? so please help as i would like to know what will be done about the faulty can???? and now i have to sit with the gel which makes me stink??????

  • Nt
      28th of Sep, 2014
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    hi, i have started using mithcum 3 weeks ago, and i must confess that i am not pleased with the product. when i use in the morning while the temperatures are cool, i don't sweat under my arms and it dries up quickly, but now when i use during the day when the temperatures are hot, i just sweat under my arms and its so irritating, though there is no bad odour, i just hate the wet armpits.

  • Jo
      23rd of Oct, 2014
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    I will not be buying any Mitchum anti-perspiration again. I use the roll on and it is not working. In fact I stink more with it on! A friend of mine is having the same experience. I also live in South Africa - Durban! - and have found it extremely frustrating not to be able to contact a local customer-care service. If Mitchum has changed the formula or a bad batch was distributed to SA, you have lost me as a consumer. I am not prepared to pay premium price for bottled sweat!

  • Ge
      18th of Feb, 2015
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    What Is with the warts in my armpits. Thanks Mitchum. Thanks for nothing.

  • Fa
      13th of Mar, 2015
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    Just had enough of this messy runny gel stick. Messing all over the place. What is it with not even being able to get hold of Mitchum..and we must pay top dollar for there product. At the time when it was a perfect product I did not mind paying good money for it. Now... I am sorry.. they will have to come to the party and either replace it the old formula or refund all our money for the last 12 to 24 months. Not to mention the clothing that got messed up over the years. Mitchum. a no reply from you at all the previous complaint just mean you don't care at all. So another loyal customer of your product will no longer invest in your company...unless you comment on this page and explain what went wrong and explain how this issue will be resolved.

  • Ma
      17th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I have been using Mitchum for many years, the solid white anti perspirant(now not available) using the gel. I was horrified when my brand new shirt
    was ruined under the armpits due to total discolouration (bleached). My daughter read the label with ingredients and I was even more horrified to find out it contains Hydrogen Peroxide ! Let alone the embarrassment suffered in public.

  • Th
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Mitchum - Deorderant

    Recently purchased this product triple odor defence deodorant . The nozzle is not working . So i cant use product . Looking for email can't seem to find one.

  • Am
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Mitchum Deoderant - Nozzle stuck - full can of aerosol unable to use!!
    United Kingdom

    As a long time user of Mitchum deoderant I am extremely disappointed that the aerosol I bought last week is now unable to be used due to the cap / nozzle no longer pressing down - and a virtually FULL can of deoderant being wasted. Mitchum isnt the cheapest deoderant, and it has now put me off buying Mitchum in the future.

  • Ro
      1st of Sep, 2018
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    mitchum clinical 24-48 hr powder fresh - defective container

    the powder fresh mitchum 48 hr protection container, quit working after 2 uses...this is the 2nd time I purchased this product, a waste of money

    I have used Mitchum for many years and I am very disappointed in their product.

    nov 20-2017

  • Su
      15th of Oct, 2018
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    Mitchum - Deodorant
    England, Greater Manchester
    United Kingdom

    This us the 5th Soray can Ive bought abd the Spray Mechanism does NOT work...
    Its do annoying. Everytime It does not work Whereever I buy from The cans do noy spray ... please Do something

  • Je
      19th of Nov, 2018
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    Mitchum -Gel deodorant - Mitchum gel
    United States

    Very messy, seeps to top without even turning the dial. Wasteful. Bought a double pack, will not use again

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