SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Body Latex Catsuit code# 03270001760seam failure left crotch to knee and right armpit elbow to waist

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The red full body latex catsuit with open eyes and mouth code # [protected] color red custom sized that I purchased from you arrived yesterday march 18, 2010 I was delighted that it had finally arrived. I coated the inside and my body with pjur body glide to lube myself up so the suit slid on without stretching too much or tearing. This product is oil free, fat free, water free, fragrance free, latex safe, and safe for daily use. You may also check on this product at WWW.PJUR.COM after wearing it for an hour or so I carefully removed it and cleaned it with soap and water, then thoroughly patted it dry with a towel.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Merrill, WI The problem started today march 19, 2010 when I put the suit on all went well, but then 5 minutes after getting the suit completely on I detected a slight tugging feeling in my right armpit. When I investigated what caused this I saw the glued up joint had come undone for about 8 cm. Then another tug in my left groin and that seam was apart for 3-4 cm. By the time I was done wearing the suit the armpit was 20-25 cm long from my elbow to nearly my waist. The groin went from there half way to my knee. I very carefully removed the suit cleaned it again and then filled out this form. Please let me know what you want me to do I am very disappointed, I was looking forward to wearing my suit all weekend. Now I can't use it at all. I hope you plan to replace it immediately or perform repairs quickly.

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