Microsoft / windows 10

Medford, OR, United States

Windows 10 is slow & provides only partial use of other sites through its apps. But it is the only show in town (Monopoly!!!) I tried watching a news video through windows 10 own news selection (Selection is bogus because it only runs 'progressive" oriented news not balanced or fair) adobe flash player disabled only on app. . . Working on computer and every other application. The local news feed has only a few current articles and a lot of old news going back a year or more. Windows 10 apps all limit the function on other sites: pandora, hulu, hotmail, etc. Stop it! I have to search with other search engines because internet explorer is absolutely the worst search engine ever because it is so unstable and always crashes, everyday more than once. Provide us a service insteads of trying to control our minds. The country / world is in bad enough shape without you & your company trying to make our lives worse. You created this information age so act responsibly and stop herding the populace (Like lemmings) over the edge of the cliff. I live on $1000 per month government stipend (Ssdi) and can't even afford food (To last the entire month) and your products do help, to some degree, in giving me something to do with my time until I die (No family & friends all on different wavelength [not your problem]) . I doubt I will ever have a new computer not that it matters much since the internet for public use will only last a few months more anyway, if reports are right, and "real" money is on the way out. If I could buy a new computer it would be the latest surface pro laptop, but that is just a pipe - dream. Fix your programs so that they work, please.

Aug 24, 2016

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