Microsoft Corporation / microsoft partner program


Hi there I keep getting Microsoft Partner communications and advertising from Microsft. I do not want to receive this I am not associated with Microsoft Partnership program.

Even if I was a partner there is no such thing as a manditory emails because I consider this spam. My email address is [protected] If I get another email from you I am going to file compliants with CRTC and anyone else involved. I do not want receive the 15 to 20 emails a week. I do not have login for microsoft partner program nor do I wish to take part of company that is a big security risk.

I am going to give you to the end of next week to have your issue fixed and if I receive another email from Microsoft Cloud and Partner programs I will be presuing this and taking legal action.

I do not want any association with Microsoft or any communication other than my billing for products I use. If there is any manditory communication then simply put cancel all my services I will use open source programs as there as much as a security threat as your products..

Jun 09, 2017

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