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I have a problem with how Microsoft does its Window 10 upgrades:
1- Resetting my tablet password to an earlier password, and resulting in me being locked out of my tablet, until I stumbled upon what was done by trying old passwords( happened once, i believe 3 upgrades ago). Altering my printer driver to one that does not allow double sided printing ; I had to reinstall to a previous version (has happened on 2 consecutive upgrades. 2nd and 3rd upgrades ago I think). Took down all my firewalls, and turned off my Kaspersky virus checker (happened once, 3 upgrades ago). I only discovered this 10 minutes after I finally managed to log into my tablet, and after reinstalling my printer driver and browsing on the internet for 10 minutes.( It took that long for a popup to appear that told me my firewall was down!). The most annoying issue that I have is that when I logged back on after that upgrade, Microsoft had the gall to send me a message with the upgrade completion that they had not altered any of my files! Please in the future when you do needed upgrades, do not upgrade drivers, change passwords and take down firewalls and send false messages on what you have or have not done!

Jan 11, 2017

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