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MetroPCS Dealer / terrible experience

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Unlimited Wireless Inc. - MetroPCS is not a company you will want to work for. For one they will won't pay you as well as other wireless stores will. I was hired as a supervisor for there pheasant lane mall location. I found out I was only paid .25 and hour more than a normal employee. But I let that go.

There vice president of the company is a joke. I Worked for a T-Mobile Dealer and was offered a Job at the MetroPCS dealer under the impression that It was going to be so much better. WELL IT WAS NOT. I was fired because $30 went missing from the cash register drawer. For one I wasn't the only employee that was working that day. another I would rather steal family before I even thought about stealing from my work. For example when they issued me one of my paychecks It wasn't even signed and I really needed money that day and they couldn't come to sign the check until the next day, The lady that worked at the booth next to me told me to take the money from my register and I told her I wasn't going to do that because it was wrong. Plus If i even thought about doing that I would have had another job lined up and would cleared out the whole thing. But no the immature VP of the company put me on suspension for 2 days and didn't even inform me that she fired me. I had to text her to get a response.

So now I am a single father without a job. I am struggling to support and feed my daughter. The job market is hard for someone with my type of skills. This lady did not only fire me for the wrong reasons she basically took money away from me and my family. It is people like her that make this world hard to live in.

I encourage people not to buy or work for this company because it will not work out. They are not very understanding and if something goes wrong they will automatically blame you.

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  • Ou
      23rd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    trustworthy review?
    I would like to begin by saying that if you had simply taken the time and effort to proof-read your diatribe on how you were supposedly treated so unfairly, you may have actually been taken seriously. But the fact that your “report" contained so many grammatical and punctuation errors only reinforces the obviousness that you not only didn't graduate high school, but are retaliating against the company like a 10 year old throwing a temper tantrum.

    Despite the fact you posted as “Anonymous" everyone who knows you would instantly recognize your own special lack of intelligent argument. You state that you were fired because money “went missing" from your cart. Yet this is not the first time you've been accused of this. Within the last year you also had to repay money “lost" by you to your previous employer. You also state that you would rather “steal family"…..since when was the subject of kidnapping mentioned? I say that in jest because, again, your inability to speak/write clearly and professionally makes anything you do say, merely a joke. I personally have observed your work ethic. This consists of about a half hour at the cart you are supposedly “supervising" and 45 minutes walking around the mall talking to friends borrowing money and cigarettes. Again had you bothered to be a decent employee maybe this opportunity would not have been taken advantage of to get rid of a sub-par manager.

    I have had many occasions to talk to this Vice President, and found her to be an easy to get along with and fair employer. And if she is supposedly so bad, why does the rest of the staff respect her and feel betrayed by your false accusations toward her?

    And what of the “single father"? Aren't you the same “father" that lied about your little girl falling down a flight of stairs to your previous employer to get out of a night at work? There are way too many examples of your poor excuse for fatherhood for me to list. As someone with such a history of using your daughter as an excuse or handicap, I feel bad any child should have to grow up with such a pitiful role model.

    Lastly why would someone not want to purchase products from this company? You list them on “[redacted]". From my perspective they fired an employee with poor work ethic, a history of lying and someone who “loses" money. You even stated that if you were to steal you would have “cleared out the whole thing", so better to get rid of you over $30 than say…$700. This actually sounds like a company with integrity enough to ensure that their employees are honest. I do not work for this company, and have not done any business with them, but based on this scenario, I would.

  • Ma
      27th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have always had Service with Metro PCS since 2007 I had always loved there service it had been the best company I had been with. But on 6/26/2013 something happened that it made it all Go to hell. I bough the Huawei Premia a total of 223.00 The moment I went into my Apartment I could not get txt calls or anything. I couldn't stand it. The next day I went straight to the Actual Metro PCS they were kind enough to return my number back to my old Freeform and told me they couldn't do anything else for me. So I guess they Lost a Loyal Customer.

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