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My daughter has a Metro Pcs phone. She has a son with a disability so this phone is vital for communication with doctors and hospitals and care givers. She bought a new phone for $90 on Sept 1rst. The phone stopped working for no apparent reason on Sept 14th. We traveled back to this store (which is a half hour drive) to tell them what happened. After payin for this phone and also paying $50 for service for the month of sept. she was told they had to order a new one which should be in around 3 to 4 days. They informed us they would call my number when the phone came in.

We waited a week and after not hearing anything we tried to call the store, which was not possible due to them not being listed on 411. We waited one more week before traveling back down to see if the phone was in since we could not locate a number for them. When we arrived, we explained the situation and the receptionist rudely stated, if it came in we called you. I explained I did not receive a call and she rudely repeated her first statement. I said If I did not happen to answer I did not receive a voicemail. She stated We dont leave messages. I said then how would I know you called. She said ever hear of a missed call? Try calling it back sometime! I was in shock at her blatant rudeness. I said I imagine if I knew you were calling I would have answered! And she said It would have come up as Metro PCS and proceeded to tell me its not her problem and to answer my phone next time.

She said they only keep phones in for 3 days and then ship them back. I told her she had poor customer service skills and I wanted to speak to a manager because of her attitude. She said go right ahead, and he will be here in an hour. And told me I was lucky she did not kick us out of her store. She then said, Now this is an attitude! And said Do you notice a difference?! I said actually NO this is the way you have been talking to me since I walked in the door! I sat to wait, and she proceeded to make several rude comments to other customers walking in about us right in front of us! And also making faces. After 3 hours, the manager arrived. I was so happy to be able to talk to a voice of reason. (Or so I thought!) His first words were, who was here to see me. I raised my hand and he said how can I help you? As I started to tell him our situation it became very clear that the receptionist had called him and apparently given her own very diff account of the story. He also told me they absolutely would have called "if" the phone had come in. NO ONE seemed to be able to answer the question "Did the phone ever come in?" He said he was looking at 175 people on his comp and could not easily find my daughters name. When I told him how rude his employee was, he shrugged it off with a " I dont like to place blame." I was not even given an opportunity to say the things she said to me. He said he deals with things in his own way. What exactly was he going to deal with? He did not let me tell him what happened!

My daughter asked me if I was ok, as I started to cry and I said yes I just cant believe I waited 3 hours for this. He then rudely stated, I have 5 stores and you are lucky I even came here. Boy did I ever feel "Lucky!" The outcome was, they gave my daughter a loaner phone and asked IF someone would answer the phone when they called?! This only added insult to injury. So Now we have to go back to this store when and if we receive a call when the new phone comes in. And the one question I have is, would that receptionist or Frank the manager, have happily accepted paying $90 for a phone and $50 for phone service for the month of September and then not having a working phone or service for 2 weeks of that month and then tolerated attitude rudeness and lack of respect or compassion?! I really dont think so!

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  • Lm
      29th of Apr, 2012

    I don't blame the manager. You are NOT their only customer. You should of just simply said to the first lady, is my phone is. She would of said no and you would of got the loaner and saved 3 hours of time.

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  • Br
      15th of Dec, 2013

    Just look at all the complaints against this company, they are gangsters and well trained only in stonewalling their customers. Customers should first contact the better business bureau and have it on record for all potential new customers to see.If enough customers got together and filed a class action lawsuit against this bunch of crooks there's a possibility of punishing this disgusting company.

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