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Metro PCS / neglect to refund money after porting number to another company!

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Today was the final straw. I ported my number over from metro pcs to another company back in august 2007 because their customer care sucks, they are not professional and I got fed up. I was told by one of the representatives I had to pay my phone bill to keep the phone on while the number is ported, and after that I would be refunded my full amount in 4-6 weeks. Bull$hiii... I have been calling them for months and they have given me the run around.. Speaking to uncountable amounts of so called supervisors that continue to put you on hold for a long period of time and don't come back making you have to call back again and again and again and making it hard to get your problem resolved. Well, today was the final straw. I called metro and immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. I got someone named "bob". I wont use this persons name. I told him my situation, and he said "oh, we resolved this a long while ago, september 13th to be exact and we decided not go give you a refund because your number being ported took 9 days past the time the phone bill was paid. Thats not true. It took 2 days. So I stated to him why didn't someone tell me this before because if you look at your computer screen I have been calling every month and I have always managed to have a case opened... Your customer care people asking me for my credit card number to have it sent back onto my card. He stated he didn't know anything about it, and he would have to look into that. I told him, I don't think this is fair that I have waited so long to not get my refund, not only that but then not being told by someone that you resolved this issue without notifying me of your final decision and why that decision was reached. He stated he can't answer that. I stated well, I would like to speak to your boss. He said,"my manager is really busy you will be on hold for a while."I said, I have been extremely nice and patient with your company and having said that, I would like to speak to your boss's boss. He told me,"hang up and call back." what [email protected]#$ is this how they take care of their customers? He was really rude and very unprofessional. I need to speak to someone and fast. If there is anyone out there that can help me please e-mail me at chitown_ga_diva31 at I really need to speak to someone to resolve this problem. Its been entirely too long and I have grown impatient and upset. Thank-you very much.

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  • Pa
      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    Hello Store manager , On 12/31/2007 at 0915 am i visited your corporate store to return an item that i did not need. The item was a battery for a cell phone that i was having a problem with ,the battery was in it's original package and unopened i had a receipt for the item and also paid cash for the item . The only problem that your Manager Jeff G. had with the entire transaction was that the item was not purchased in your Metro PCS store but in the Metro PCS store located at 1453 sand lake road Orlando Florida next To the international diamond store. Your manager Jeff G. said that he was unable to find the transaction in the computer to issue me a refund . He told me that the item had disappeared from the computer and unless he could find the transaction i would need to drive all the way back to the Orlando store to get a refund, i requested that he call the Orlando store for assistance, He provided me with a the 1-888-metro 8 number which only provided me 25 numbers to choose from one after the other , it is my opinion that he was refusing to call or assist me in obtaining a refund. After several minutes of debating with your manager i drove back to Orlando where the sales associate took my sales receipt keyed in the needed information and issued me a refund in the amount of 37 dollars and change without wasting anymore of my time. He did not have any problems using the receipt to key in the necessary information to issue me a refund. The manager in your store should be retrained on how to issue a refund and also how to manage a store location in your absence , i am certain that you would not have allowed this to happen, i would like a full apology in writing from Mr. Jeff G. my experience today could be interpreted in many way's . I WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY EVER AGAIN . I trust that you will address this issue as soon as you return. I will follow up with your corporate office also . I'm giving you the opportunity to correct this first.

  • Da
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    It doesn't matter how much you complain about MetroPCS customer dis-service, it would not be enough! They are the worst phone company on the planet. There is even a website for people that hate them:

  • He
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    I am so sick and tired of dealing with MetroPcs' customer service agents. I should have learned my lesson when my husband and myself each had a phone under the same account. In this letter I am giving as much detail as possible because I want to make sure you understand the extent of this problem. He was the first one to sign up, everything seemed ok until I added a second phone to the account. I was overcharged almost $20.00 to activate my used phone. I paid $85.00 to activate the phone with a $45.00 plan. I found out I was overcharged when my phone would not work after leaving the store. I called your customer service line and they told me I was overcharged and promised to put the difference towards my next bill.

    I activated the phone on the 12th of October and 3 days later I get an email saying I owed money. I call the customer service line and the person actually told me that I did not pay the activation fee. It is unbelieveable that I actually had to tell this girl that my phone would not be working if I did not pay the activation fee. Then as I try to get this person to understand the situation, I ask her to read the notes, thinking this may clue her in, but she told me that they do not read the notes when assisting customers. Obviously at this point I just tell the girl I want a manager, then this so called manager tells me the same thing. So I tell her I want her manager. Then person number three gets on the phone, after explaining to her that in my experience notes are there to assist you with your clients, she actually said she would credit me the activation fee. I was so frustrated with dealing with people with absolutely no customer service skills that I gave up on the money your company overcharged me in the first place and took the credit. I was going to write a letter, but I decided to let it go and made a promise to myself that in the future I would buy a new phone with a different service provider.

    I have never liked the fact that I had to pay a $5.00 fee everytime I pay our phone bill, but I dealt with it, it was easier than mailing the payment in, and I definitely was not going to call the customer serivce line to make a payment.I keep the phone and continue paying my bill, then my phone is stolen so I have to buy a new phone.I had not had to deal with MetroPcs' customer service agents in a couple months so the extreme terribleness of this company had been slightly forgotten. In my gut I knew not to buy a MetroPcs phone. I really needed a phone and the Metro Pcs store was the only one in the area open so I make the terrible mistake of breaking the promise I made to myself and bought a MetroPcs phone.

    It has been less than a month and it has begun. I have called the customer service line 16 times today and have actually talked to four people, the rest of the calls were disconnected before I could speak to anyone. When I did speak to someone it was a hassle and my issue is still here. I have a plan that contains unlimited web browsing. For some reason, everytime I try to access the web I get a message that my airtime minutes will be used. The first time I called I was told to turn my phone off and on and everything would be fine, well of course it was not. I cannot believe I actually thought my problem would be over that quick. The next two times I called I was put on hold and the people never came back. The fourth said " Oh I found the problem, everything is working now." Well I do not know what he saw but it did not fix my problem.

    I am so tired of the smallest issue being such a hassle. These people that handle the customer service calls have no clue how to assist people. They cannot just get down to the point, assist people with efficiency regardless of if they themselves can correct the problem a customer is having or not. If they cannot help you, they should at least have the ability to say I cannot help you but I can get you to someone who can. I want my problem solved. I am not going to continue giving my money to a company who does not care about it's customers enough to to provide us with someone that can help us when there is a problem.

    I just wasted almost $200.00 on a phone from this company. I am not going to subject myself to such a hassle and waste of time everytime I need help. I am changing to another service provider. I would rather pay more and not have to deal with this company. I think I should be refunded for my phone. I feel that I should not be forced to either continue the service or throw away a $200.00 phone. I definitley would not give it to someone and have them go through what I have been through. I have kept my anger control and have kept myself from being very nasty to the customer service agents and it really does not do any good, noone has managed to really help me. I want a resolution to my problem, there has to be at least one capable person in the entire company.

  • An
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    For the first time after 4 years of service I tried to speak to a love person but I can't reach anyone at MetroPCS. I guess I don’t have the direct number as you all do. I am astonished to read about all the trouble people have had and are still having with MPCS. I have never had any trouble except now I'm not able to reach anyone to ask a question.

    This day and age to not have good customer service is not expectable, and I don’t know what all the customers as a group should do to force the issue with whomever to make them available to us customers. I didn’t think by law a company could get away with this but it seems they are.

    We customers need to do something about this but again what/how??

  • Mi
      20th of May, 2008
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    they need to shut down all metro pcs location and have some else have only monthly fees and management that teaches the employees about good customer service now i know why they call metro getro meaning ghetto because when they get paid minimum wage they act minimum wage

  • Es
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    i was a metro customer and due to i have to move NY and they dont have service wanted to change with Tmobile, and gaved my password and information what i got from metro to Tmobile, metro doesnt let phone numbers go and its so rude and illegal that you cant keep your phone number!! they are worst then ever!!

  • Lo
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    A week after I purchased my phone I went to the store to put $20 on my metro connect account. After 24 hours and not receiving it. I called back and and the customer serive person called to say that she would push it through. Well, she only push though 10 bucks...and poof goes my other 10 bucks. now they are saying i used too much money (and that's not possible) and I owe them $17.04 in metro connect? HUH! where's my money! No one can answer my question about that! they just yell and say I owe the money but can't explain why or how or when it was used. I hate metro pcs and to think I was going to add 4 new lines for christmas! FAT CHANCE IN HELL!

  • Pe
      1st of May, 2009
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