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MetLife / ltd claim

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I have been on long term disability for the past 12 years due to back problems. This Jan my long term disability changed from Liberty to MetLife as I think Met life bought them out. The first correspondence I got from Metlife was in Feb and they wanted a Attending Physician statement. So I got my PHY to fill it out and sent it in. Thinking I had done what they wanted and never hearing from them again till I received a written April 17, 2008 giving me one day to get my Physician information in to them or I would be cut off. This letter also stating that they had mailed a letter Dec 11, 2008 requesting a update from my physician. I never got this letter. They went on to say if I did not get the physician information back to them by the 18th of April ( now I got the letter April 17, 2008 in the mail ) that I would get cut off. I called Metlife and explained I just had NOT gotten the letter they said they sent Dec 11, 2008 and that the letter I got today ( April 17.2008)
was saying that I needed the information in by April 18, 2008. The lady on the phone basically said they could not control the mail ( the letter was dated April 9, 2008 ) and if I didn't get the information in they would deny my claim. Oh yea the letter had my address but was addressed to another person as it said " Dear Mrs Brookes" Making me think they didn't even know who they were writing the letter to. I went to the MD and had him fill it out and faxed it to them. I am sure this is not the last I will hear from them as I am sure they are looking for a reason to cute my disability claim. I can't figure out why after 12 years ( and I know they have all my physician's notes from Liberty ) they think I can work especially when every Physician has stated that I am totally disabled.

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  • Pa
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    Bless your heart, they did the same thing to me. Only after sending them letters by certified mail did they ever agree to re- open my case and continue disability payments. But that was not the big surprise!!, , After being declared disabled by Social Security, and after recieving my settlement for backpay from Social Security, Met Life claims I owe all of my settlement money to THEM to repay what they paid me in disability benefits. I never recieved a policy from them, never was told that my disability benefits were "a loan" from them. Of course they are going to sue me now, but what are they going to get???

  • Be
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    After a long battle i got my disability from metlife, however, when i got my ssi i had to pay back over $8, 000.00.Metlife said I was overpaid. I never understood this part, I was to get 80% of my income to age 65, That was $1800.00 month.My ssi is almost $1000.00, so, I thought i would be making $2, 800.00 a month. When i purchased this policy they failed to tell me that they offset your disability and take away the amount of ssi. I bought insurance and i feel ripped off. I paid for insurance with metlife and i have worked since i was 13 years old. I should get my full amount from metlife and full amount from ssi, I worked and paid for and the insurance I should have it all. With living cost skyhigh, and the fact that i have 2 grandchildren to raise I am having a hard time living on $1800.00 a month. If I dare get any money from any other source metlife will take it. Is it legal for metlife to offset the disability payments like that ? Can they get my IRS statement ? Can they offset my IRS refund? Metlife is so intrusive and makes me feel violated, i always have to sign something and get it back, like they wait on you to miss that date, I never got a policy from them either. When I asked them about the offset policy they responded that had i been a employee i would have received the full amount but being I was a contractor and paid for the policy myself going thru my employer I did not get the full benifit. What a load of garbage.

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