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Metlife India Insurance Company / poor service on all accounts!

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I had applied for a term policy after reading that MetLife offered the cheapest term polic, and with an understanding that term policies do not have any fineprint. A month after the medicals were done, I had not heard from the insurance company. I called them up and wrote a complaint to the service mail id. Got a response that the policy has been issued wef the date of the complaint!

Then there was an update that the policy document has been sent via courier. I did not receive it for a month and complained again. I was given a complaint number with an assurance that it would be resolved on priority. A month later, there was still no response and as I write this, it is 3 months since my application and no response to mails, infinite waiting on the phone if you call [protected] and in summary, no policy document.

I have written to the IRDA which assured they had sent the complaint to MetLife but also added IRDA does not get into resolving disputes. I now have written to the Insurance Ombudsman but yet to get a response.

Some price to pay for going for the cheapest.

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  • Ma
      26th of Jan, 2008

    There are couple of serious problems with Metlife. Not sure where you are located. Did you try going to your corresponding branch in person?

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  • Sh
      1st of Feb, 2008

    I am also planning to take a term plan from MetLife and was wondering about the promotors crebility. Unlike other private insuarnce companies, MetLife does not have a single solid partner. They have about 2-5 and only know partner is J&K Bank.

    Also, why are they are not charging any service tax? Is the premium garunteed or they can charge ST later?

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  • De
      22nd of Apr, 2008

    Metlife needs to looked at as soon as possible. They are a fraudulent company hands down!

    I am turning them into the national boards complaint. They do not even return a phone call. They have been an investigation on their behalf of thier client and has still claiming their investigation is still going on after the month of the accident.

    What does one do>>>>>>>>????

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  • Ab
      12th of May, 2008

    The worst insurance company i have ever seen. They are begger and can't give you a single phone call.

    There are no custmer care in metlife and the MD is a ###ing ###

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  • Sk
      30th of May, 2008

    met life is very bad customer service. i've paid quaterly payment every quater but one fine morning i got call from madurai branch and they are telling that i've not paid my due for the past six months.i asked them to clarify that first then they gave a call and then they asked me appologies for the mistake.

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  • Vi
      16th of Jul, 2008

    I'm an adviser with MetLife, but I'm only trying to give an objective view here. Yes, there certainly are some problems with customer service, but these are isolated; and they're constantly trying to improve on every front. As far as my experience goes, MetLife is one of the most scrupulous insurance companies when it comes to issues of transparency and fair practices are concerned. And on this board some references are not to MetLife India, which is misleading.

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  • Nr
      27th of Jul, 2008

    I think your objective review is not so objective. I called in March 08 to have my smoking status changed to non-smoking. Metlife required that I write my request in a letter so they could finally send me a 7 page application after waithing 6 weeks. When I complained they appologized and requested that I fill out portions of this application and submit to some basic medical test including urinalysis. I did this and now (July 25, 2008) they sent another form saying they needed more testing. For me it is simple. They do not intend on changing my smoking status. They have worn me down at this point but I will inform anyone that I speak with that Metlife is one of the best examples of a big company with "Customer NO Service". Worse yet, I originally purchased my policy from Travelers Insurance and now I am stuck with Metlife. Avoid this company!!!

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  • Pa
      31st of Jul, 2008

    Do you think its only with these guys... guess what icicilombard is doing... i paid the whole insurance premium in one go for my parents and they are yet to give me a call for my parents to go for a medical checkup... they priority timing is 48 hours for the last 2 weeks ... dont know how long this will go on ... but i got other plans in stock for icici lombard... guess either one of us will have to win so for now the battle lines are drawn...

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  • Bh
      3rd of Aug, 2008

    regarding i cannot get lic claim because lic lost docket

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  • Vi
      27th of Nov, 2008

    I also agree with you guys. Speaking from personal experience I find it as one of the most unprofessional compnay I have ever come across. I have taken up some issues with regards to my policy since July 2008 with them and they haven't resolved it yet!!

    Infact they changed the face value of the policy from 25000/- to 2 * 25000/-!!! Firstly they do not reply if they do it is only after you sending numerous reminders (that too only if you copy some regulator like IRDA etc.).

    One of their employee as passing feelers to me not to send mails, when I pointed about irregularities in my form their GM told me "we usually while applying from credit card/loan just sign the form and submit for faster processing".

    I found it to be unethical and unprofessional.

    In my opinion one should refrain from investing in it.

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  • Bi
      16th of Apr, 2009

    When Metlife was started I took a policy and that time they were behind us. Now they had lots of customers and their service is becoming poor. My policy was due last month and when I went to one of the branch to pay the policy they said they cannot take payments in couple weeks because they are busy because of month end closing. They told me to call before going to the office and its been couple weeks still they are not accepting payments. Thier service sucks. I also have policy from LIC of India and their service is far better than these new companies. METLIFE SUCKS...

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  • Sh
      24th of May, 2009

    the metlife india insurance company is totaly independent and different than metlife usa... they purchased the name and emblem from the metlife insurance inc, usa ... to fool the people of india that this is the same multinational company... i have a suggestion that dont get fool to there prodcts amd services

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  • Sh
      24th of May, 2009

    Dont get fool to this compans reputation... because this is tottaly independent than metlife inc usa. To confuse the people they have no clear statergy. the products and services are confusing and no clear answere. Most time they dont pick up the phone and answer the questions also they dont even return your calls. the MD is L******* some thing, the attitude of the agents are vigerous to make some money and after that [censored] Y**

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  • As
      7th of Aug, 2009

    My experience on metlife is even worse,

    I made a payment by cash in metlife and they have provided the receipts for the same, Now they say they have not received the payment and asked me to bring the receipts to their branch, I returned back to chennai afetr 10 months from abroad and took the receipts they accepted that i have made the payment till June 2008 and asked me to pay for the remaning 10 months i.e Rs 50000( Till march 2009), Luckily this time i handed them the cheque for the same amount and i made a internet transaction thru their website for the april 2009, Now they came back saying that they havent received the amount . No response from any one ( Customer care) some one called me on may 2009 saying that he is a manager seated in bangalore and he promised to get back to me ... still awaiting...###ers

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  • Do
      22nd of Aug, 2009

    I used to work for Metlife and what you all are saying is very much true. Metlife has outsourced all it's customer service to a company called Sykes. That company and Metlife are not concerned with you the customer. They do however very much care if you pay your premiums. They care about the stockholders. They care about the big CEO bonuses. That is what Metlife is concerned with. We were never allowed time to make call backs to customers and were even encouraged to use names that were not our names. They did not want us to tell the truth to the customers. We were given scripts to follow to push blame away from Metlife. It was always a "systems problem" NO!! it is a management problem and will soon be a stockholder problem when they lose all their business. Metlife is trying to expand in the global market but is very willing to sacrafice loyal employees (11 years +) and proper procedures to make a quick buck. No Metlife India is not independent Metlife USA owns all of it. Metlife also owns Travelers Insurance. They own Safeco, they hide behind all these other compaies. I also would not allow payroll deduction. When payroll deduct works correctly it is great but 9 out of 10 times it is a total disaster. Metlife actually had to establish a elevated line to deal with all the complaints. The supervisors work 50+ hours a week, almost to the point of exhaustion. One supervisor in Dayton Ohio had a stroke and she is only 34 years old. Metlife will work it's people to death and then kick them to the curb, but they will make sure they get your money first!!! In conclusion STAY AWAY FROM METLIFE!!! The person to blame for all of this is a man named Adbuh Hassein. He was fired from Chase for screwing them up but Metlife decided he would be worth the gamble. Now he is screwing up Metlife. They deserve it!!!

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  • Aq
      9th of Sep, 2009

    Its a strong heirachy run by a single person at the local level in west zone who seems to be controlling evrything in the company like promotions, salaries, ...each and everything, , , ther's no room for anyone if he/ she disobeys the person in chair, , , is the management sleeping, , , does the big brand have any grass root level insight or its going to be ruined in coming times... if any person connected with the company, , , , he will surely know who it is...

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  • Va
      22nd of Jan, 2010

    met life india is the worst company in the world, run by politians and mafia, it will wind up at any time after they got a targetted ammount.

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  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2010

    met life india insurance company is an independent company, which they took logo and name from U.S insurance company metlife, but they came to india by some currupt polititians and mafia to run this to loot the people. What they doing is investing the money in stock market ...if the policy holders are lucky they will get some money... i think they will wind up after getting a targetted amount.

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  • Mu
      28th of Jan, 2010

    What is metlife india insurance is a privte own stock company rather than a mutual company... ie they invest most of the premium in stock market and bond market... but other insurance compnies in india like new india assurance or LIC are government controlled paartly government owned mutual company. i mean if you invest in these companies your investment is safe . (a mutual insurance company means the investment is primerly in bonds or other low risk investments rather than stocks ) But if you invest in company like metlife india probably you loose the money or value of NAV because all it is depend on the stock market. The insurance compnies must not practise the stock option, rather it must be a mutual company

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  • Ri
      26th of Feb, 2010

    Metlife are biggest theives possible.First, they deduct the money for premium and do not re-instate the policy.tyey do not even intimate you aboput it.They told I lost all my premiums when I called due to termination.Never trust the customer care.They are the most crooked people I have seen.

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