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Metlife Homeowners / scam and cheating

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We have had Metlife home owners insurance for over 15 years . Never have we filed a claim. Insurance paid out of escrow faithfully. Then sends us a letter, that due to overwelming cost from storms, they must cancel Florida's homeowners. I understand the costs, however, what is insurance for!? How can they in all fairness do this to people, who one have never used any money they've paid and two purchased the insurance for the reason they are saying they can no longer cover for! I am furious. We have struggled now to find another insurance, which now we found, but had to pay intire premium for the year. I feel that when Met dropped those of us that had never filed a claim they should be made by the law to give back at least what a new premium would be for all they've cheated! I will not stop here. I will go the next step. This type of business in our country must stop!!

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      31st of Jul, 2010
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    I too have been a faithful MetLife Homeowners policy holder for approx. 15 years. Their premium is paid through my escrow account and never has been a day late to my knowledge. My mortgage is through Wells Fargo which was recently purchased by JP Morgan/Chase. At the end of June 2010 I called MetLife to tell them I had water damage in my finished basement. Over the phone, the agent asked if I had a sump pump. I said no and she said the water was from rain seepage. I explained I had a $5000 flood control system installed on the property when I purchased the house and the flood control was still under warranty. I live in a suburb of Chicago. The phone claims adjuster would not budge and after 30 minutes I knew I was talking to a deaf ear. The water damage became worse. I called MetLife and told them I have water damage and I want an adjuster to come out and tell me what will be replaced. MetLife said everyone in your neighborhood has rain seepage and that is what you have. After 3 weeks of increasingly worse damage I hired a contractor who opened the wall and found the main water line to the house was leaking. I had him break through my foundation floor and 7 feet down he found the leak. I called MetLife and told them I have a pacemaker and defibulator and they had just put me through 3 weeks of extreme abuse and MetLife was not responsive in any way to my requests for an adjuster to come and look at the problem. MetLife insisted it was rain seepage, which I never had in 15 years. When they realized that they had caused thousands of dollars of damage because of their shoddy claim service and their practice of diagnosing the problem over the phone. When I told MetLife about my health problems and the huge amount of black mold growing up my walls they decided they could have an adjuster come out the next day. I had a contractor here when the independant adjuster, not a MetLife adjuster, showed up. For some reason they exchanged cards and I asked the adjuster to send me the claim quote. I wait a week and after not hearing from MetLife I called the independant claims adjuster MetLife sent and he said he was waiting for my contractors figures!!!. Why? It will cost what it costs. I want nothing other than my home to be made whole again. That is the purpose and legal obligation of all property insurance companies. This started on June 26. Yesterday MetLife called my home phone after I asked them to call my cell phone because I would get the call 24/7, MetLife left a message saying they would send a check. Since the independant claims adjuster was here another wall was opened and mold has traveled the whole length of the wall. MetLife does not care about me or my property and did everything they could not to accept responsibility for the damage. If you are considering buying homeowners insurance I strongly recommend you do not buy MetLife. MetLife wants to change the original claim number and close the claim with a check they say they are mailing me. This claim stays open until all mold, carpet damage, drywall damage, furniture damage, health damage is paid in full. MetLife provided the worst service I have ever seen from an insurer. By the way, I sold insurance for 20 years. I have moved all my customers from MetLife to what I consider insurance companies that are responsive to their policyholder's needs. MetLife also has some unusual practices when it comes to paying veteran death claims according to the news.

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      31st of Jul, 2010
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    typical MetLife

  • Gr
      10th of Feb, 2012
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    I agree with you with the flooding of your home. We too have Metlife and we have the premium taken from escrow. Unfortuantely we have only been in our home 15 months. We recently came home with our four children, walked in the house and the kids smelled something funny. I told them to go brush their teeth and I would open some windows, upon doing this I turned on the ceiling fan. Next thing we know the house was filling up with black smoke and we evacuated... Like 3 minutes later the house litterally blew up. Windows blew off doors ect... Metlife is refusing to give us any answers because we had a home fire 7 years ago that was electrical...And a closed case from Cause & origin Firm... They said we need to be questioned further... We lost everything we own, 4 toddlers and we have nothing... In my opinion I think Metlife is useless... and I will tell everyone we know not to use this company!!!

  • Id
      27th of Aug, 2012
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    None of you get it. You WERE covered while paying premium and were given ample notice of cancellation. You DID get what you paid for, you were covered for six figures for the duration of your policy. I think you need a basic economic class. You just don't get it, therefore fall under the "ignorant consumer" label that most fall under. Go as far as you want, you have absolutely no case, and I have Progressive insurance.. READ what you sign, [censored], you signed that you can be cancelled at any time with ample notice. You, in essence, are a complete ### and shoudn't be allowed to have children for fear these children will grow up like you and be ignorant ###s. Keep crying, though, it might help. In 150 years.

  • Ju
      30th of Apr, 2017
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    @Idiot_Hater Easy for you to say, you too don't get it., The corrupt Court system, crooked lawyers are our main problems. They are in control.
    They never lent you any money, they simply perpetrated fake loan on you and me, by moving people 8-types of retirements and Wall Street investments to ourselves. We have crooked lawyers and authorities helping them go free. Go to Youtube, learn "The Truth about the Bank", you don't need to trace your loan to Wall Street, you need to have the court force them to prove they lend you money in real cancel check. All Banks committed crimes together against the people. They created the illusion that they lent money. Otherwise they would not be able to make 119%/year when Interest is low 3%. Before 1993, they earned 4-5%/year. Go figure out. Sue the Banks and crooked lawyers, including the bad decision makers. The created $0.01/sh stock and exchange with your Retirement at $25-$30/hr, plus our tax$$ TARP. That is why we lost our moneys in 2000's, and more ahead.

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