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Meta Bank iAdvance / rudest customer service

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Iadvance Meta bank, Wow, what I thought was an awesome service and still do has become disturbing... I like the services offered and they are a need but with the customer service I have been provided in the last 2 days I will no longer be using these services... I really like these services but I have never been talked to by any public service or private business like I have in last 2 days. Lied to is an understatement, kept on hold. I was told I would receive a call back in an hour by a supervisor... He sounded like he wanted to help but how can he be a supervisor?? Why would any corp allow or have such a person represents their company... Especially when it is involving someones money... not a product but ones money... after being put off 3 times with promises of a call in an hour I am closing all accounts and the sad part is meta bank just lost a very big account as I work for a very large company and was in the process of referring 150 people to this and 90 were enrolling for sure for direct deposit. Very sad that a company can not find stellar CS reps... Very sad a company can not control this and allows their reps to speak to anyone they way they want to... I think this goes on because most people who use this banking system have bad credit and need this service. I DO NOT need it and think it is sad that people who are less fortunate in money situations are treated differently and with less respect. I do not recommend anyone to use this service or any services meta bank offers as they have no respect when they have control of your money and you need there services. Pay cash get a real prepaid credit card do not fall into this trap of lies and verbal abuse because they think they have an upper hand on you. My self and 2 grown children have been using these services for over a year now and we all are canceling all of our accounts... It was great to use this service for my children and I to send each other money with no fees etc but not worth the verbal abuse and disrespect one receives when calling this office.

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  • La
      27th of Oct, 2008

    I completely disagree with the comment. My partner and I both have been with MetaBank for over 2 years and couldn't be happier. Anytime I call customer service with a question either simple or complex they are extremely friendly, knowledgable and willing to help. I will admit I have experienced high call volume on a rare occassion. I love my card and it couldn't be easier to use. METABANK ROCKS !

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  • Ab
      9th of Feb, 2009

    I agree with Emilee Barr, I loved their services, and I used it all the time. However I called the Iadvance dept, and somehow their system stated that my current card was reported lost/stilen. I advised i was still using it, and after 18 calls to cust serv reps, i finally asked for a supervisor and the rep stated "Im a floor sup" then put me on hold while i was still talkin. now idavance stated that their sytem is messed up, and is being repaired by IT. Im definatley "Bankable" now, and will be leaving Accountnow/MetaBank/MyIdvance

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  • Di
      20th of Feb, 2009

    I was expecting a tax refund and was told on two different occassions by two different Customer Service Reps. that all I had to do was fax my 1040 form and put it to the attention of KEVIN, who "works" at MetaBank. Additionally, they advised that because the card has a $5000 limit I need to ensure the balance is such that it will be accepted and not put me over the limit otherwise it will be sent back. After adhering to the instructions I was given, my refund was not available and I am told it may not be available for up to 48 hrs. And that this "KEVIN" actually works for Espree.

    The CSR I spke with initilly on this third call was a floor supervisor; she was Rude and Impersonal and I will definitely seek another agency for assistance.

    I will say that the floor supervisor's, boss was very helpful and was very helpful; however to be lied to and misinformed at any time is unacceptable but especially when it affects my livelihood.

    So no MetaBank does not rock for me it provides lowsy customer service and can not be trusted and STINKS badly. BOOOOOOO METABANK!!

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  • Je
      27th of Feb, 2009

    We've had them for almost 3 years no big complaints really except for this year. Last year was the first time we used the to deposit our IRS refund and it went through fine it over $7000 this totally different story around the same amount was scheduled to be DD on Jan 30 and AccountNow rejected it because it over exceeded the daily deposit limit. UMM why weren't we notified about this last year worked perfectly fine now this year it's different. Well according the CS she said something along the lines of them not being as strict last year but they were enforcing it big time. She also stated that it was posted on their site. Which it was but on the main page the one before you even log in there was a link to click and it was all the way at the bottom of that page saying that the refund could not exceed $6000 but if you looked at the tax link on the page once you signed in w/your last name, ss #, and zip code it says absolutely nothing about there being a limit and of course that's the one I had checked because I never look at the login page I just use it to simply log in to access my account. So now her I am almost a month later still with no return because it has to go "through the system" as the IRS has said and get turned into a paper check which will be mailed some time who knows when. I just really don't understand why they would even put a limit on governement deposits. I highly doubt the government is going to assist anyone with any wrong doings. Although this has really irritated me I don't think I'll be changing anytime soon because other than this I can't complaing

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  • Ch
      13th of Apr, 2009

    why don't you post an email address to contact you. I have a extreme hardship whereas my stolen card from Account Now went to disputes leaving me without a penney. I need to find out if I can get my line of credit increased. Please email me at [protected] a.s.a.p. Please.

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  • Tr
      16th of Apr, 2009

    Has anyone had luck with iadvance? Does anyone know what the fee is to withdraw cash form the card? How are the percentage rates for iadvance? Looking to signup soon...any help/advice is appreciated :)

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  • Cw
      13th of Aug, 2009

    I agree that iavance Meta bank customer service is very poor and very DISRESPECTFUL. I recently discover that a false report was on my credit report from iadvance and when I called them to tell them about the negative information on my report before I could go into details the rep replies" you need to contact the credit bureau and file a complaint" I told her "you did not hear the facts first."

    iadvance then stated that their system is 30-60 days behind, regardless I never borrowed money from them and was not paid back within 3 weeks, please check your credit statement, because negative reports with iadvance.

    I have had direct deposit from the day I signed up for Meta bank service and occasionally I would borrow from iadvance, but every time my funds is direct deposit they take the funds right at that time. Even when I put the money back with a greendot money pak. I have never owe them any money. But they effect my credit report with that information.

    I have notified all the people that I have recommended and told them to check their credit report and cancel the service because of the customer service rudeness and lies.

    I'm in the process of closing my account with them, but not before they make that correction on my credit report.

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  • Sa
      31st of Aug, 2009

    Well I unfortunately have been with Meta Bank for over 2 years. And to be honest and frank and put everything out there. They are the worst customer service attendants I have came across. Not to sound racist or such things, but they hire these foreign people and don't train them worth a damn. They act like they can't hear u, they don't speak clearly and then what tops it all off. It seems as if they (what little training the may provide) seems is not working cause every attendant will tell u something completely different. I had a run in with them today as a matter of fact. And the manager Henry (if that's his real name) was rude, impatient and didn't hold up to what he said. The First time I spoke with him he told me he would call the hotel and give me a call back in a half-hour. An hour and a half has went by so i call...and low and behold I have to be put on hold for over 19 minutes(This is the second call of the day)All a brotha was trying to do was get my little $70 dollars back. Once CSR told me it will take 20 days to get my refund if I can't provide them with my final receipt from my hotel. What do they do in them cubicals? If it's been over a week and I don't have access to the receipt shouldn't they offer assistance to me and contacting the merchant where they placed the hold. To top it off the hotel told me they had faxed them the paper work they needed and they still gave me the run around, telling me it will take 24-48 hours to process after they receive the fax.They holding time is too long, they're not training there employees correctly. They really should be in no position of business what-so-ever. That's how I feel and if u don't like it well stay with them..Well see how long this company last. All my friends I have told abou this company has already cancelled there credit cards with them. Not only because of my experiences but there own. I'm just bold enought to put them on Blast. I warn u please don't trust this company. If u have any question pls feel free to contact me

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  • Ms
      23rd of Oct, 2009


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  • Gi
      17th of Dec, 2009

    I had a similar horrendous experience with another branch of Meta Bank regarding a debit travel card. Yes, I was lied to as well. Yes, Meta Bank representatives put me on hold for an extremely long time as well. Yes, Meta Bank's internal records were messed up so that I was hurt, but they had access to and use of my money for an extended period of time by their error although they said it was my error. Yes, Meta Bank had several chances to make the situation right, but chose not to correct the situation. Yes, Meta Bank gave outlandish excuses for their internal mistakes. Yes, Meta Bank's actions put me in jeopardy and into a dangerous situation while they held onto my cash money. Yes, Meta Bank had absolutely no sympathy for the precarious situation they had put a person of my age into. Yes, Meta Bank treated me rudely. All the complaining by typing into a computer is not going to help in any way. It seems like it is just other mistreated Meta Bank customers who search this site.

    When I complained to my own State Attorney General's Office, I was told that no one had written in to complain about Meta Bank so they could do nothing! I have read all of these complaints on line so I know that there are plenty of unhappy Meta Bank customers, but since none of you had written in to that office, it did not look like there was any problem to them. Officially, they cannot do anything until you fill out or write a letter of complaint and send it to them. This site may be good for letting off steam, but we haven't gotten any changes in the banking system by doing this. We haven't gotten put into place any new protective laws so that Meta Bank can be stopped from doing this to other people.
    And don't we all wish that someone had done that for us earlier so that we didn't have to experience what we just experienced with Meta Bank.

    What will really help? What will bring about some real change so that no one else has to experience what we have collectively experienced? What will get the job done once and for all?
    If you have received "unsatisfactory customer service" from Meta Bank please write to share your story and experience with the Better Business Bureau of Des Moines, Iowa which is the capitol of the state where Meta Bank is headquartered. If you feel like you have been mistreated by Meta Bank, please send in a complaint to the Attorney General's Office in the state where you live. Please do this as soon as possible.

    If you have been taken advantage of by improper or shady banking practices at Meta Bank, write to let the
    Office of Thrift Supervision,
    Department of the Treasury,
    Consumer Affairs Division,
    1700 G Street, NW;
    Washington, DC 20552

    know about all the details of what happened to you. If all of you write, they will have the "big picture" about Meta Bank and these agencies will be better equipped to stop Meta Bank's negative practices. You will be serving your greater community by writing these letters. What happened to you should not happen to another person. Your letters, one from each of you to each of the agencies above, about your negative experiences will make the right kind of change happen. Write a letter so that your friends and neighbors won't be taken in and have the same negative thing happen to them that happened to you.

    Let's get this stopped once and for all. Let's get some real bank reforms put in place. Ask for the reforms that are needed, but write to the correct people. And if you don't know how to phrase what reform is needed, just ask for reforms to protect and correct the problems you have had, and describe your experiences as you have above

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  • Da
      30th of Dec, 2009

    i am looking for information on metabank for various reasons please email me at [protected] and please let me know about the pros and cons i need to get my credit started i currently have NONE and i was told metabank is the best way to start good credit email me and let me know please!!! thanks [protected]

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  • Fe
      6th of Feb, 2010

    I am posting this to alert everyone that using Santa Barbara / Meta Bank WILL ABSOLUTELY cause a delay in receiving your income tax refund. This is the third year that we were told that it would not cause delay however Santa Barbara / Meta Bank sent us a confirmation email that they received our refund on Friday yet as of today we have not received our money from them. Our bank always posts ACH deposits immediately. TurboTax clearly states that using Santa Barbara / Meta bank WILL NOT SLOW DOWN receiving refund BUT IT ABSOLUTELY DOES! DO NOT USE TURBO TAX. I am requesting a refund from Turbo Tax and am still waiting on that too! I recmmend that everyone else in this situation do the same. If they fail to issue a refund I am notifying the Attorney Generals office in Tennessee of their false claims. If the IRS distributes funds on Friday and I do not receive my refund on Friday...THAT IS A DELAY! Common Sense folks!!!

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  • Ms
      19th of Feb, 2010

    And the same thing has happened to me! My refund was deposited from the IRS on Feb5, 2010 to this Metabank without my permission. I used a company called Griggs Financial this year and was asked for a voided check. The person that prepared my taxes stated the Irs would directly deposit funds into MY account. Well today is Feb 19th and still no return.. This is my first and last time I will use this co. This is ridiculous. I will definately file a complaint with the Dept Of Treasury.

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  • Wi
      9th of Apr, 2010

    I recently received a replacement Metabank card, PaychekPLUS, from my employer. I was told by my company's payroll office to request to speak with a supervisor when I called to transfer funds to the replacement card. I repeated this to the PaychkPLUS rep who replied "You want to speak to the payroll department?".
    In the course the next few hours, as I was trying to convert the funds on the PaychekPLUS card to cash so I could deposit cash directly into my checking account, I couldn't find an ATM that could "recognize" my PIN number. I then went to a purchase a money order with the card and was told I had too many attempts on the PIN and it would not authorize.
    So, back to a CS rep who told me I was locked out of my PIN for 24 hours. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was placed on eternal hold. I called back and tried again. My cell phone died as I was waiting for a supervisor.
    I am the authorized user of this card, I was using the PIN number set up through the PaychekPLUS phone system. Although the STAR ATM system is listed on the back of the card, I couldn't find a single ATM that would recognize my MetaBank product. Oh, and let's not forget the $3.00 charge for accessing my funds at an "authorized" ATM.
    While the MetaBank product in theory is a fantastic tool for payroll departments, in reality it has no effective CS support. Just another predatory financial product to the end user- and that is the subject of another post.

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  • Xx
      19th of May, 2010

    I have been with metabank for a little over 2 years now. my only complaint is the HORRIBLE customer service. You have to jump through hoops to get to a live person on the phone. They all tell you different things when you call, and speaking to a "supervisor" is no different than speaking to a customer service rep. There is nothing worse than a company who cannot get on the same page and have no communication amongst themselves internally. the features that keep me with them are the lack of overdraft fees and the ability to transfer funds immediately between friends and family. thank god that there is rarely an issue that prompts me to call customer service.

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  • Xx
      19th of May, 2010

    oops, i forgot the mention the biggest headache i have experienced with them. trying to my 'refer a friend' credit... i have exhausted all angles. even though i have referred more than 10 people who now all have direct deposit, i cannot for the life of me get them to credit my account for the referral program. i have given up.

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  • Xx
      19th of May, 2010

    EDIT: oops, i forgot to mention the biggest headache i have experienced with them. trying to get my 'refer a friend' credit... i have exhausted all angles. even though i have referred more than 10 people who now all have direct deposit, i cannot for the life of me get them to credit my account for the referral program. i have given up.

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  • Da
      8th of Jun, 2010

    MetaBank issues the cards but it is the card company--e.g., the brand name on the face of the prepaid card--that provides customer service in most cases. And that varies from brand of card to brand of card. I recommend the customer service of the MiCash Prepaid Mastercard. It has great customer service. I know because I work across from the customer service manager, and he bends over backwards to handle any issues that come up. Also, MiCash maintains a 24/7 toll free support hotline.

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  • Sh
      25th of Jun, 2010

    The very worst customer service I have ever, ever had.

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  • Sh
      25th of Jun, 2010

    The very worst customer service I have ever encountered. Bar-none!

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