Met Life / disability denial despite medical evidence

[email protected], AZ, United States

The following contains facts and my beliefs. Anything that isn't fact is my opinion or belief. I believe met life disability insurance discriminated against me because I was receiving regular psychiatric, med monitoring care. On 8/17/12 I became disabled. I went to my primary care doctor (Pcp) who concurred I am not able to work and that it is due to a physical condition. I was working at the time and was supposedly covered by met life short and long term disability insurance. Met life swears that short term disability claims are decided in 10 days... My doctors submitted everything that was needed in a reasonable time and these incompetants took 33 days to decide my std claim. I repeatedly called this lady's supervisor, who did nothing. Then, my doctor stated that I was unable to return to work and that the bulging disk in my back and the fibromyalgia and pain prevented me from working and that it looked like I would suffer from a lifetime of pain and disability. Met life then repeatedly denied me long term disability because I have a long history of depression... And get this... Depression is causing the bulging disks in my back and also, according to met life, fibromyalgia is also caused by depression! My doctor has repeatedly told met life that the problems that prevent me from working are physical in nature period and have nothing to do with depression.
Met life had all the information that they needed to decide the claim in the original 45 days that they allow themselves to decide long term disability claims; however, they sent me a letter stating that they are extending that decision another 45 days due to "special circumstances" what were those special circumstances? They stated they were your file "is being reviewed by an outside physician" that isn't a special circumstance. That is their process when you appeal their denial, they send the file to be reviewed by an outside physician... There were no special circumstances, they are just refusing to decide the claim... I guess in hopes that all my utilities get shut off and I lose my house. So this doctor they sent my stuff to... What kind of doctor? A psychiatrist... Now tell me, why would they send a file full of physical disabilities to a psychiatrist... You guessed it... Simply because I have depression and take good care of myself by attending regular med monitoring appointments with my psychiatrist.

I believe met life has discriminated against me and denied me long term disability only because I have psychiatric issues. (That don't pertain to this disability nor do they prevent me from working). I need help here, if anyone out there can help me I would sure appreciate a good lawyer/ help as I am now going on 5 months with absolute no income and met life sent a denial letter to my doctor, who slammed them, told them how stupid their findings are and went through line by line correcting all the lies and misquotes they had in their denial letter. That was sent to them weeks ago... Today I called them, the guy said that their 2nd 45 days extension doesn't end until the end of march and that is when they will look at my case.

Please, if there is a lawyer or someone that knows how I can keep from losing my house and everything in it please help me... It is bad enough to be in this situation, but then to be discriminated against for vigilantly taking care of my psychiatric issues is horrifying.

Feb 28, 2013

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