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Mercedes Benz Of Tampa Bay / No warranty

1 4636 North Dale Mabry Hwy.Tampa, FL, United States
Contact information:

We are not going to respond to any of your emails or phone calls. Do not attempt to contact us again. I will call you when I have time. I hope this is clear to you. Do not call or write. I will not tolerate your abusive language directed at any of my employees. You have received copies of every item you requested below and we will not be providing any others.

Frank Cuteri

General Manager

Mercedes-Benz of Tampa


[protected] fax


Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 12:39 PM

Jeff Camara

Cc: Frank Cuteri; Janet Villella

Subject: RE: Fidelity problems #2 - reply

At this I am still awaiting the following items.

Please let me know when they can be sent out.

Please insure that I get the following items;

1. a copy of the contract/ warranty

2. copy of payment for the warranty, I paid for the entire warranty up front when we bought the car.

3. copy of the denial of the claims/ warranty.


It's not a questions of being upset Jeff, if the warranty says that it's covered and the dealership is saying that it needs to be repaired/replaced.. it's a safety issue and the car should not be driven.

I don't think the warranty company should be second guessing the dealership on work should be done.

At that point they are putting the safety of not only myself but more importantly my family behind their need to save money. period.

I purchased the vehicle from you all along with the warranty because you can recommend to me from a family friend, I think it's poor business that the warranty company that you all recommend conducts business the way that they do.

First it's covered then it's not, then it is, then it's not...

I don't conduct my business this way, do you think it's fair and accurate reflection of how Mercedes Benz of Tampa conducts their business?

Jeff Camara <jcamara AT> wrote:

As I stated in our phone conversation, I have sent your complaint to my manager, as soon as I have a answer for you, I will contact you direct. I know you are upset, but I am doing everything I can.


Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008 2:07 PM

To: Jeff Camara

Subject: Re: Fidelity problems #2


I did not get your email.

I have spent countless hours on phone calls on this, and I am really upset that I am being placed in this position. I would have expected that any warranty that I purchased through Mercedes of Tampa, would without question been a reputable upstanding company. It reflects poorly on the dealership when something like this happens.

After spending no less than 6 hours on this today, Fidelity decided that they would cover the valve gasket covers, please explain why would they cover them now and decided earlier that they were not covering, I would like an explanation on, in so much that nothing has changed. YET, it was necessary for me to point out that it was a covered item.

Secondly, I am being told that the issues with the thruster, etc.. are a safety issue and the car should not be driven and that any other warranty company would have covered these. It's clearly listed on my contract under every category that it's a covered item. Based on the recommendations of your dealership, I not only purchased the warranty, but, I went above and beyond and purchased the platinum plus, so that there would be no question that the items would be covered.

I we have gotten nothing but resistance and backward talking with this warranty company, whenever a claim has to be submitted.

As you stated, if the car was in Tampa this would not be an issue, simply because it is not is unacceptable, if I need to have the car transported back to Tampa, I will without hesitation.

If Mercedes is telling me that the car needs to be repaired and that under the terms of the contract it needs to be repaired it should. I do not believe that it is appropriate or safe for the warranty company to be second guessing the dealership in the repairs that need to be done. Certainly, when the dealership/Mercedes is recommending the warranty company.



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