Menards / washer/ dryer I purchased

Me and my fiance just moved into our first apartment after being homeless for 6 months. I am 4 months pregnant and cant keep lugging laundry to the laundry mat so we have been searching for a washer and dryer for 3 weeks we finally fecided to stop at menards to look just maybe there would be a cheap one there. We pull to the back and how lucky could we be both a washer and dryer for 20dollars each i was so happy i cried right there my fiance runs to the gate and explains this story to the guys they said yeah dont worry about it go pay for it we will hold it for you. Thank god right? We go to the service counter pay for it again tell them the story and ask them to hold they said yes of course we left to go get my fiances buddies truck come back 30 minutes later and to find out 5 minutes later they sold it to another couple and they left with it. I am ddevistated words can not even explain how heart broken i am. How can you double sell something. I am so upset how can your company do this to people!!! If you dont fix this make it right i will never buy another thing from menards neither will any of my family or friends or my fiance or his family or friends. And my father owns his own business taylor maintnence home improvements and works two jobs the hampton inn and bradford apartments where he is head of maintenence and has accounts for menards when i told him what happened he said if they dont fix it hes switching his accounts to home depot!!! We are all very angry.

Nov 29, 2016

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