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Melaleuca / they wont let me cancel...

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I have been a customer for many years, paying them over 5, 000.00 dollars so far.They are a pyrimid type scam although I was never involved in suckering others into joining-
There products are generaly good however very overpriced.I have told them now several times and then followed their instructions by faxing my request to cancel.Tonight an hour on the phone with several of them was one of the greatest waste of time I have ever experienced.1st they hung up/disconnected on me.Then denied that I cancelled or sent a fax, then changed the story yet 2 or 3 more times.End of story, I can not quit since they do not have proof that I cancelled-regardless of my confirmation the fax was recieved.We are leaving the country in 10 days, for a year on an overseas mission, and told all of them that including Beth(the head supervisior she says -who sounds 22 and absoultley refused to give her last name)
Beth says too bad you can not cancel because we have not recieved your fax(and would not listen when I said I have the confirmation fax), and besides that alone does not cancel your account she says, it is the policy, you have a contract, I can not cancel your account, you will have 12 parcels on your step when you return, give the product to a neighbour, you can send the package back but we will charge you double shipping(how much I say-she says 16$ for a package -with 2 tiny items-another rip off of course) etc, she actually said I have spent 29 mins on the phone with you and can tell you are frustrated but there is nothing we can do.I asked is there anyone else I can speak with? No, she says, she is the most senior person, but I can email the ceo or anyone if I wish.
Great, thanks alot.What a bunch of idiots.And even worse they are scamming people without regret

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  • Ch
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Anyone can cancel any month when you send a resignation letter BY MAIL. The company must receive the letter by the 25th of any month. It is my understanding that the company does not accept a fax for resignation purposes because they need an actual signature.

  • Sh
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    Thanks for the info. I also found out that Melaleuca:
    Not only is their makeup loaded with Parabens, but they put dimethicone in almost all of their personal care lines. (Dimethicone is synthetic emollient that is a known tumor promoters and accumulates in the liver and lymph nodes.

    It is also non-biodegradable, causing negative environmental impact) There is formaldehyde in the childrens line. While formaldehyde is wonderful for persevering cadavers, I would prefer to not have that absorbed into my child's skin! There are xenoestrogens in their Body Satin line. Anything that is absorbed into the skin is 10 times that of an oral dose.

  • Jo
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    All you guys are ###s, melaleuca is the best thing. dumb***es

  • Me
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    You can cancel by fax by the 25th of the month. I have done it for my friend. There are no formaldyhydes or parebens. The products cost less per use than any name brands in the store, and they are far better.

    The person who didn't know how to cancel could have just picked up her phone and called the customer service number on the bakc of the catolog which she gets in her order every month. they wuold have told her just to fax over a note that says "I want to cancel my account. My name and phone number is__________then sign it. If she has paid over 5, 000 it has been her choice and she will miss the products when she quits, and mark my words, she will be back.

    I am a Melaleuca business builder, and every single person I have come across who has used Melaleuca in the past always wants to sign up again. 95% of customers order every month until they die.

    I have never been in such a great business. Easiest thing I have ever done. And the products have improved my help so much. Have lost over 30 pounds using the crave blocker shake and I feel so good using the vitamins and provex cv. Have fibromyalia, and now I am swimming an hour a day. Love the makeup and skin care.

    Email me for how to join as a customer, or build a business that will last a lifetime. Not a pyramid or MLM, consumer direct marketing, a referral business, we sign people up to order online or by phone. Every month you order you not only save about 50% over grocery store prices and get superior products, you get $20 in FREE products.

  • An
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    lol all MLM's and Pyraminds are direct selling and referral business it is just another name for it. Im not cutting MLMs down they are great but you deffantly need to do more research before signing up to one. As for Melaleuca there are tons of bad reviews and people in the business need to do more study before telling people false info.

  • Ne
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    I think this complaint is all a bunch of crap. For those of you who have actually taken the time to read this far into this website please notice that most of these are just copied and reprinted several times under several different email addresses. They may be slightly changed but this is just someone who is vicious and has nothing better to do than to try to influence a stranger with their twisted stories.

  • Jg
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    For those who just can't seem to follow instructions and feel the products will continue to come, close the credit card or bank account linked to Melaleuca. Da!
    Personally I have witnessed Melaleuca customer service solve any issue that I have had.

  • Jg
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    I have not had any problem with customer service for any issue I have had. However if your not able to cancel regardless of the reasons, simply cancel the card or account that is linked to Melaleuca. That will 100% fix the situation.

  • Bu
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    I'm glad I have read a lot of these posts. Actually I was duped into listening to an hour long presentation of this company. A friend of mine, who is obviously a rep, told me he had been starting up a business and wanted to know if I wanted to sit in on his webcast to find out more information on health and wellness. I thought I was just going to sit in on listening to things about changing someones overall health, etc..
    I get in on this "conference call" to realize it's not a "webcast" with a bunch of people listening to his whole business, but a 3 way call while I view a power point type presentation online and he doesn't even actually talk at all, it's some other lady who he called on 3-way who must have gotten him into this business. So right off the bat, I was never told I was going to be listening to an hour long presentation on a company called Melaleuca, let alone that I was going to be asked to buy anything. That in itself is pretty misleading to me.

    Then behold this conversation in which we start off with some 6 minute youtube video from the CEO of this company, and starting off talking about what products I use and what would be beneficial for me and my family..I kinda began to get the idea, I was going to be asked to buy stuff. Although the information given to me was very informative and some information I didn't know before this, I should have been alerted that this was going to be the case from the get-go.

    Afterward, I was asked if I wanted to buy into being a customer or as a rep, and of course, since I already have a high powered job, I was not interested in making extra money, so I said possibly a customer. They went on to talk about how easy ordering was, how much of a convenience it was to have the products shipped to your home instead of having to venture out shopping, how beneficial the products were and how safe for your family, etc..And I was told something about a point system, but they never fully explained to me that in signing up you would be monthly contracted to spending so much money or else it would be charged anyways. They did say something about a back-up order to make, but I didn't know that was why. I just thought it meant something about if you forgot products, or if you wanted to keep track of products you liked. Nothing was fully explained to me. Now everyone can say, you just had a bad sales rep in my case, and you'd probably be right, but if this is the case, I see from all the things I read online about customers have bad experiences, have had the same bad reps who did not give them the proper details, which sounds like a good majority of reps are corrupt and do not care about getting the proper information out there. So why isn't that company making sure it's reps are giving them a good name since this company is suppose to be built on a word of mouth type campaign and marketing gimmick? I mean, you'd think from all the complaints that have arose from angry customers, that if this was in fact not a scam, they'd be doing more to ensure that their reps were not doing things to bring this companies integrity down.
    I, fortunately, decided it wasn't for me, and did not sign up, but what about all the unfortunate people who have by these people, who everyone else seems to call bad reps, and cannot seem to get out of the deal no matter how many times they've tried. Something stinks whether you people want to admit it or not. And if it isn't Melaleuca stinking than they should try harder to make sure their word of mouth wellness company is being promoted and represented by people who will only shed good light on their company. Seems like a pretty easy concept to me, but it sounds like this company is more interested in money than they integrity of their company.

  • Ka
      30th of Mar, 2011
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    I am not a Melaleuca customer. I am on this website because my roommate recently became persuaded to be a "director" and I wanted to do some research before deciding whether or not to help her out and become a member. So far the comments have been very disturbing about how difficult it is to quit Melaleuca after becoming a member. I have seen several very positive experiences, but I've also seen the same story repeated dozens of times about how hard it is to extract yourself if you feel like Melaleuca is not for you. Whenever the lady that signed my roommate up comes over to our house, I feel extremely awkward when they talk about Melaleuca. It's like a little weird cult that I am not a part of. I was invited to the same party my roommate was but thankfully did not go. My roomie just wanted to try their products and does not have an interest in being a director; however, the lady keeps pressuring her to hold parties and sell the idea of Melaleuca on other people. I feel their products are probably good products, I just don't appreciate the pressure this chic is putting on my roommate and I to be a part of this company. If it was so great, wouldn't we want to try it without being pressured? Just sayin.

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