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No one should ever be obligated to purchase something they don't want. I found myself feeling uneasy through the presentation. I was told the products were so natural that a baby could drink them. So I asked for a bottle of several Melaleuca products and read the labels. Sure enough each one had a warning: for external use only drink water immediately and call a poison control center. ("so natural that a baby could drink them") That was only the first lie. The comparison between Melaleuca products to other brands made me smirk. I don't use any of the products they to compared Melaleuca.

Then came the whole load of Shtooyot about purchasing points. 35 points mandatory every month (around $55 - $62). What happens if I already have too much Melaleuca and don't want to spend $60 this month? They just send me the back up order from the form that they were trying to get me to fill out. Whether I want to spend or not they take my money and send me more overpriced zevel, So they have rights to my bank account now? I would feel more like I am being taxed illegally. Taxation without representation. If I remember right we fought a war to be free of that. This company is downright un-American. In addition I was asked to sign a form to be a marketer selling this scam. I refused. I will not sell something I have never used. The sales rep snatched my other form quickly from under me. I suppose he thinks he will charge my Visa. The one I closed out. I can live without it for a week. He then told me I have to sign the marketer form. I said no. He wanted to charge me an extra $29 for it too. I told him again no. Then I told him I will research this company more before making any commitments. The anger in his face was quite telling. He then told me how long he and his wife had been with Melaleuca. Even before they were married. Yes can you believe that two Melaleuca reps went and got hitched? He then went into praising Melaleuca products again telling me that since he had began using Melaleuca Tooth Polish (Tooth paste) he had almost completely no problems with his teeth. Hmmm? Have you ever heard the expression "out of the mouth of babes"? Well not long after this his son smiled at me. The child's front teeth were black. I was stunned, a very very sad thing to see. Sheqer! A *** sales-thief more dishonest than intelligent, and that poor child. How could he? We left there and began researching Melaleucha on the internet as I said I would. If for nothing else to simply be true to my own word. We read a myriad of complaints about the company. Especially from people trying to get out from under them. I was not surprised by this. The written and faxed membership cancellation letters supposedly not being received by Melaleuca is classic big business delinquency. This kind of tactic is known all too well in many other countries. A tough economy has been in such nations much longer. In the U.S. our generation is now only beginning to see what desperation in a bad economy does to people. G'navim like Melaleuca use these times and types to swindle for them. But they are only a symptom of the sickness. Corruption of the high authorities of a country causes this lack of prosperity. When times are tough people become desperate. Poor countries have their pick pockets and prostitutes as airport and metropolitan greeters. They await foreigners with the wealth to travel there and exhibit their sorry state as living proof of this. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the "Patriotic Retirement Plan":

There are about 40 million people over age 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million each severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

1) They MUST retire. = Forty million job openings = result = Unemployment fixed.

2) They MUST buy a new American CAR. = Forty million cars ordered = result = Auto Industry fixed.

3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage = result = Housing Crisis fixed.

Get any easier than that?

If more money is needed, have all members in Congress pay their taxes...

While we're at it, make Congress retire on Social Security and Medicare. I'll bet both programs would be fixed quick!

As for Melaleuca I could smell the baaaddd of them from the presentation. The more business they get, the more enemies they make.

Want your friends to treat you like a leper? Just get involved with some scam like Melaleuca and they will never talk to you again. This would be great during an H1N1 hog flu outbreak or if you just want to be left alone, very alone.

Vinegar, salt, seltzer, all great non Toxic cleaners. Vinegar is a superb *** killer. Rubbing alcohol is fine for windows and mirrors just have ventilation and common sense. Shaving cream? A regular bar soap works well. After shave? Again rubbing Alcohol works fine without extra smells and chemicals. Under Arm Deodorant? Well anyone who lives close to the ocean can test this. Salt water when it dries works very well. I live far from the ocean and buy $peed $t!ck Active Fresh by M&nn&n. It has no Aluminum and costs less than $3.00 at [protected]@[protected]@rt. My point is obvious. No one needs to spend a fortune on home care products. The old ways are still the best. Forget cult like sellers like Melaleuc who need to trap people into buying their obviously over price zevel. Want a healthy way to clean your house, and toiletries for your body that are not a Chem. Lab? Ask the most lucid elderly people you know how their parents and grandparents did it before these chemicals were invented. In fact how did humanity survive the past millennia without all of this modern poison? Common sense is a knocking, beckoning you to contemplate this for the apparent and inevitable conclusion.

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  • St
      5th of Feb, 2010

    you're an absolute sucker...possibly a complete idiot. get smart.

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  • Il
      9th of Mar, 2010

    I can see you have nothing else to do with your time. I feel like I've wasted 10 minutes of my life reading and writing back to this.
    With are not obligated to purchase anything. If you want the benefits of preferred membership (30-40% off wholesale prices) then you purchase each month. If you do not want that benefit, you can purchase whenever you want at wholesale prices. You were given wrong information and that is a shame because Melaleuca is changing my life for the better. I would never lie to anyone about the company or the products. In fact, we stand by our word and products.

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  • Ke
      17th of Mar, 2010

    OK first of all why would you join a sams club if you dont plan on shopping there. Why go to a shoe store if you dont plan on buying shoes. What a stupid excuse!! Like someone else send you dont have to shop every month but if you choose the discount then why not save money for products you NEED every month anyway. Also, of course they are going to tell you to call poisen control, no cleaning product is suppose to be swallowed but let me tell you from experience. My 2 yr old son did get ahold of melaleuca product and swallowed it. I did call poisen control and do you know what they said. Oh melaleauca your safe!!! He was fine. So go find someone else to complain to but your complaints are not working here.

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  • Se
      5th of Apr, 2010

    I dunno... My brother joined and loved the products BUT went through divorce a week later! So he rang to cancel membership and they did everything right there and then without so much as a question. Obviously you are talking about a different company or have a real bee in your bonnet and want to make this company look bad.

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  • He
      9th of Apr, 2010

    No that's crap, Mr/Mrs. I love Melaleuca!! I had spoke to someone a few years ago and just last night someone came to my church. Load of crap. Melaleuca are not members of hte DIrect Selling Association so I would question their practices. They lady I spoke to was trying to MAKE my buy the stuff before selling it, it was an OBLIGATION to sell it, you had to automatically keep buying it to sell it. I work for another company, they dont make me buy for myself to sell it. Just a sample kit, and I earn FREE samples by how I sell my stuff, not making ME buy it out of my own account and holding me hostage. Terrbile business practices holding sellers hostage is not a way to run any business.

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  • Ke
      9th of Apr, 2010

    well hello let me just say it works be referals and who the heck ican refer someone if they havent tried it yourself. Hey mrs sample lady let me ask you what happens to someone who works for pepsi but drinks coke. Thosw who work for walmart dont shop at target. And...a restaurant owner is not successful because she eats across the street during her lunch. I would say that is not good representation of the company you work for. I work for sams but I love to shop at cosco...ok ya that makes sense. They require you to purchase A MINIMUM ORDER OF $50 - $60 I spend more then that because I buy my detergent from them and everything else INSTEAD of getting it else where. If it was clothes or something I didnt need on a month to month basis It would work but It does. For being a customer I shopped at sams online for my computer and got $200 dollars off the reg. price and on top of that mela sent me a rebate check...That saved me time and money. You have no dont like the products you can cancel and you dont have to sell it either. I dont sell I share information. If I like a stre I am going to tell my friends about it, we do it all the time we just dont get paid for it. They are necessaties!!! It is things I was purchasing elsewhere anyway why not get paid to save. No one is holding you you have a gun to your head or something? They tell you all this before signing up so stupid you didnt understand is not melaleucas fault. My check last month was AWESOME!!! In a few months melaleuca will be paying for my car does your sampling do that for you????? I DONT THINK SO!!! Go tellit to someone else cause no ne here is listening.

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  • Ca
      9th of Apr, 2010

    To helloyouall1234
    You don't sell anything to anyone in Melaleuca. You only buy what you use personally. Melaleuca has received countless awards including from the BBB precisely because of their ethical business practices. Do you think it may have been an over-enthusiastic Melaleuca user who conveyed the wrong message to you?
    At any rate, it's a free world so of course you are free to say yes please or no thanks! :-)

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  • Ke
      9th of Apr, 2010

    oh and one more thing to clarify if you read the agreement youd know this...If you callmelaleuca before the 20th of the month if you cant make an order for any reason they will not send you a back up order and you have 6 months to order again before you are completely canceled from the benefits.

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  • Se
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Exaggerated crap. So you have a bad taste in y our mouth for one reason or another. Your lawyer will let you know this kind of exaggeration doesn't help anyone.

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  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2010

    You must have lost some customers to Melaleuca or something...

    I have a referral business with them and we keep it honest..

    Again.. Flat out, Melaleuca is an amazing, highly ethical, people first "product manufacturer". That instead of paying A: distributors, B: Advertisers and C: Retail partners to put the product on a shelf, they pay A: Bill, who told, B: Sue, who told C: My friend John, because They all had a part of getting a product that Melaleuca makes (that I happen to love) to my home. I would rather Bill, Sue and John's families share in the profit of me buying a product that I want, that got rid of my kids eczema, than Advertisers (that are solely concerned with profit, they lie to sell you something) Distributors that distribute the inferior product and the retail partner that sold me the inferior product.

    The reason the big Chemical corp can't keep up is because it actually cost MORE to engineer and make a product like Melaleuca does and after they pay their advertisers, distributors and retailers the product would cost an astronomical amount for the consumer that FUNDS their whole operation.

    Melaleuca is just simply a people first business model that is unlike any other. They make People First Products (Not Profit First Products) and SHARE the revenue with their CUSTOMERS instead of SPENDING the revenue on HYPE, SHIPPING, and PLACEMENT. For me and my family the choice is simple.

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