Meijerthe "prepared" meals for thanksgiving

I ordered the Thanksgiving Day meals, one each turkey and ham. I will not do this again.
First, I ordered them a week in advance. I live out of town and asked my brother to pick them up at the Maysville Rd in Fort Wayne. He got there and they gave him half the order. He called me and asked if I had ordered ham also. I did, they just didn't give it to him. So, I called the store and, "oh yes, it's here." He had to drive back to the store and get the rest of the order.
Then, when they get the dinners home it is all packaged in the packages that they were shipped in from the companies that made it. I could go along with that, if it had been packaged in some kind of foil pan or something that we could just pop into the oven. I could have walked through your store and did the same thing that your associate did by picking out the packaged potatoes, stuffing and gravy AND probably saved us a lot of money. The turkey was whole, so warming it up that way would have taken a long time and dried it out. The only saving grace was that the turkey was juicy.
Our brother, the one that picked up my order twice, has stage 4 lung cancer and we choose this option for Thanksgiving because we thought it would be less stressful. It was not. Far from it.
I drove from Ohio, a 2 hour drive, and had to scramble for bowls and things to put these items in just to warm them up. I knew it was going to be cold, but the ordering associate should let the customers know what the items were packaged in. I figured meals ready to go, meant ready to warm in the packaged we picked it up in.
Needless to say, I will never do this again and will tell anyone that asks me if they should order this, a big resounding NO.

Disappointed customer,
Jacque Tomlinson

Nov 24, 2018

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