Meijer / pharmacy

I am very upset tonight, I had to transfer my 10 month old daughters medicine from walmart to meijer. Being told that I would only have to wait an hour. I then called after waiting an hour (which was fine with me) to get a very rude lady on the phone.. Who actually wanted to argue with me stating that she never got a call about a transfer. Then she asked her manager who I heard in the background.. If they had received a call. Which they did! So now here I sit, very pissed off because i've dealt with nothing but poor customer service but I also h e to wait yet another hour and have a very miserable baby because she hasn't been able to receive her medicine. I work full time and had no time to go straight to the pharmacy so it would have just been nice to deal with a better attitude. Thank you meijer pharmacy.. Not!!

Mar 29, 2017

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