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First of all, I am not making a complaint out of anger, but because something absolutely has to change at the Meijer Pharmacy in Richmond Kentucky. I am completely baffled by all of the constant mistakes and lack of concern at this pharmacy. And when I say constant I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. I may have had one trip with no problems. The employees obviously do not communicate at all, do not know what to do, or just do not care. The latest experience was when filling my uncle's medication. We dropped off around 10 prescriptions and were informed they had them all and that they would be ready in an hour. We picked them up a little later and 3 were missing. 2 of which were heart medications that can't be missed. The excuse was, "We did not know which ones to fill."
My God...well so did you just guess which 7 you WERE going to fill? OK I've typed way too much already. So in summary, I've never seen such steadily horrible service like with this pharmacy. They've put my 85 yo grandmother and my uncle in danger with their goof ups. They are completely incompetent and as of today there's 4 of us going to Rite Aid right down the road.

Mar 11, 2017

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