Meijer / meat department/management

I have a trouble many time in the last year at the bowling green meijers the meat dept has either forgot to do my order lost it or did it incorrectly on the last occasion I was promised by jordan that he would make sure everything was taken care of when I returned for the 3rd time that week they had my order ready but it was incorrect I ask for jordan that day but it was not there I was then directed to a lady manager who I have dealt with on a previous occasion when the meat dept could not find my order she found my order but did nothing to make up for the extra 30 minutes I spent while they looked for my order. She gave me the store directors number I chose not to contact him as that would have took even more time out of my week I would have. Thought he would have contacted me if he was even made aware of the situation I left my contact info with jordan and the lady manager. On another occasion a week prior I had to go to service next because some of the 10/10 items were not ringing up correctly this happens a lot their were 2 ladies at service desk told them the liquid soap was not ringing up correctly patricia did go at check that item but when she returned and I told them that the frozen sandwiches rand up incorrectly also she point blank told me they were not on sale was to lazy to check the other lady adjusted the price but I didn't appreciate patricia telling me I was wrong. My husband and I spend a lot of money at meijers especially in the meat dept but no matter how good the deals no deal is worth the constant bad customer service. Another I mentioned to the lady manager was that no one is ever at the meat counter I always have to knock on the door to get someone's attention another bad practice at this time I will not return to meijers until someone shows that they care about their customers I work in retail our management would never let a customer go this long with out trying to solve the problem I hope someone that cares about the meijers stores will read this because from my experience store managers customers managers and meat dept managers do not have their act together or do they care of a customer ever comes back. I would not recommend anyone going to the bowling green ky meijers.

Aug 01, 2018

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