Meijer / groceries

I just purchased $17 worth of items. Oranges, bandaids cookies pears etc. got all of my items home. Started unpacking them and found that one of my packages of bandaids was opened and only had4 in the box. It is s 30 pack of bandaids. It was but one get one 50% off so I'm only out a dollar. Big deal right.
Then I grab my package of no bake cookies from the deli department and lo n behold there is another open package with 2 cookies missing out of 9. What the hell is going on. Straight in the garbage went the cookies.
It is not worth my time to drive 10 miles then spend the time going to service desk and try to explain the dilemma for $4.50.

I am pretty sure I'm done shopping at my local meijer store after this. Kroger is closer anyway.

Thought you'd like to know.

Brian Cunningham

Mar 09, 2017

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