Meijer / garden department

Specifically went to Meijer (* Mile/Woodward)to get blueberry plants and a few baking items. The outside gate was closed, but inside there was a sign that said the Garden Center was open. I went out, picked up 3 plants, then got intercepted by your employee telling me i can't be there. I said there's a sign at the door that says the center is open...the store is open...why not the garden center.Hius claim was "my safety". I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. You have no less than 17 City of Detroit police in uniform, no idea how many not in uniform, your undercover theft guys, and employees plus customers. You have more "law enforcement" at this Meijers than I have in my neighborhood...and that is University District. 12th precinct is in my neighborhood. I disputed the employees claim that the sign said it was closed and said 'let's go check". Got to the door and in some of the most minutiae type font I've ever seen, says "closed at 8pm". I said"oh." I took the plants out, sat them on the floor, stopped by Customer service, lodge a complaint, and left. I will pull up any plant material I bought from Meijers and return it for refund in the morning. How about it? Your employee kept me from spending about $165 with you, but you'll get back $125 worth of plants that died that I wasn't going to return. Kroger, Home Depot and Lowes should send you thanks.

Jul 30, 2018

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