Meijer / customer service at check out lane

Store 251, lane 19, cashier BAILEY, 13:36:57 per receipt.
I was checking out with 2 pieces of clothing, when the cashier picked up my clothing I told her I did not want the hangers. She said ok, but next time I can take the hangers off myself in a snarky way. I said I, m sorry, Im the customer and I have never ever had an ISSUE with cashiers removing the hangers., they usually ask if you want them. Bailey said again, next time you can remove them yourself in a rude manner! I was taken back, dumbfounded and honestly embarrassed the way I was treated over hangers!! 2 !! I paid for my purchase and she said in a fake polite way have a great day!! She started checking out the next person, I happened to glance at the bagging carousel and realized the shirt I purchased was not bagged, sitting in the bagging area on the hanger! Now that was a clear and intentional rude act on BAILEYS part, I got the shirt, removed the hanger and handed the hanger to BAILEY and I got a sarcastic looking grin!!! First of all I go thru the cashier lines to support jobs instead of self serve. Second it was 2 items. Third, most cashiers ask if you want your hangers because stores recycle! Bailey said she didnt have a box for hangers and they throw them away., so next time I can remove myself! If I remove the damn hanger I am going to give it to the cashier anyway!! This was just a pure, lazy and disrespectful gesture on her part!! The more I thought about it I decided to call the store manager when I got home to complain. I spoke with Walter, I am 100% sure nothing will be done at all! He did not ask my name. I asked if he wanted my name he said no, we don't take names. I spend thousands of dollars at this store and I know there are cameras, and I know there will be no resolution to make me feel better or rectify this behavior!!!

Jun 10, 2018

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