Meijerbissell powerlifter super light vacuum

Product was packaged as a brand new vacuum on clearance. Was packaged as it should of been box in perfect condition. Also had security device on product. Paid cash 100 and change. Got it home and took out of box to find it filthy and used. Human hair stuck in brissels. Reservoir full of gather and dirt and I smelled like a litterbox. I understand that it was a clearance item but it was sold as a new item. No where ever have I bought something new and found out that someone in your company probably management made the call to do that. That is complete false advertising to the fullest. And I undertstand your return policy and dont. Feel like it fits this certian incident. Seeing how alot more was wasted tgan just my money. May of had flees or bed bugs living inside. And may have infected my home with whatever your company decided to sell me. Among the endless possibilities of what the vacuum may have been used on proir to being in my house. Scares me to death to think what may now be around my children with low immune system. Aslo elderly woman with fibromyalgia and the smallest illness will cuase hospitalization and possibly death. With all that aside. Im just very upset. With how your store conducted such dishonesty and thievery. Im very curious on how you guys plan to take care of this. Thank you for your time hopefully hear from your very soon. I will have my attorney contact corporate office if I do not hear back in a timely matter. This is being documented and filed as. Your first written attempt to contact your company.

May 06, 2017

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