Megamart (Kaikonrahalli, Sarjapur road) / Megarmart cheat me during Deepavali

I went to Mega mart(Kaikonrahalli, Sarjapur road) for Deepavali purchase.

They had a scheme called buy 2 get 2.
I selected 4 shirts. They billed me for Rs.4100/-
There is nothing free here.

The cost of one shirt comes to Rs.1000/- But the actual worth of each shirt is only Rs.700/- so they cheated me during deepavali. The man at the counter who was in charge of the shop was rude and forced me to pick up some trousers as well.

Don't ever believe in this buy 2 get 2 scheme of this Mega mart. Mega mart is a fraud company selling cheap shirts at an exorbitant price.

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