Megabusworst customer service

J Nov 14, 2017

On oct20th, my mother and me took a mega bus from new york, to toronto.
At 7:50am, the bus stopped for a 30 minutes break between rochester and buffalo. At 8:20am, the bus had already gone and left us behind. There was no any other public transportation in that area (I really don't understand at that night, the mega bus had the right to be late for more than 30 minutes to pick us up in ny, and also the right to leave us at middle of nowhere). My bag was still on the bus. I called the customer service [protected] immediately in hope of tracking the bag. She only called me back for no conclusion by telling me that I will be contacted soon, but it never happened.
When we finally got to toronto, we went to the office to report the lost item. Later, we were told that the bag didn't go through the custom but return back to ny, and given a number [protected] for me to contact when we return.
On oct22nd, I called and I was told that the bag couldn't return till friday. I heard nothing.
On oct27th, I called and was again given another number [protected], lost and found department. I left my voicemail twice. (In my mind, where is my bag??)
On nov 3rd, I called again and I was told that they never receive my bag!! What is going on!? She said she will email me a lost item claim form. Till now, nov 14th, I received nothing but [censor] from the mega bus company.
In her black and red bag, there were ipad, her cell phone, her coat, medicine for her high blood pressure and etc. She could go to hospital or get killed if she didn't have any extra. The value of lost items is definitely higher than $250!
The funny thing is, on the returning trip to new york, the bus driver count the number of passenger at each stop.

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