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In july of 2009 i saw an informercial for meaningful beauty and I oredered it, I am a single Mom and decided I could not afford this so I spoke with a lady who told me she would keep my account on an open status for 6mths so if I awanted to come back I could get the (promo price).I heard nothing else. In Feb, 2010 I moved due to 2 family emergencies. On April 21st 2010 I called (MB) customer service and I spoke with a young man because I had recieved a bill from your company for $106.00 I told the man that I didn't recieve this nor did I order it (i cancelled in 2009) so I was not going to pay. He told me that he would do a return and I would not recieve any more bills...In February of 2011 I recieved a bill from your collection agency saying that I owe $106.00 and so I have been in contact with (MB) and have been told several different things . I do not owe this money to you and its on my credit report .And I cant get in touch with anyone including but not limited to (Cindy Crawford, OPrah Winfrey), 7 on your side and the BBB have been contacted because this is terrible that me (the little fish) has to fight like mad to get this all cleared up . I might add that 1 of your many reps I have spoken with told me that someone from billing would get back to me and they would straighten all of this up... None of this has happened ...In good faith I trusted you as a company!!! I will keep on until someone sees my story and helps me take care of this matter..I was told that my account was not closed out correctly and this should have never went to collections and my account balance should have been ZERO .. This is your fault (MB) I am very disappointed in you as a company and I would never promote your company I would urge people to be very carefull and really think about !!!. I was told today 3.21.2011 that since its in collections I would have to take it up with the agency... How fair is that, Who does that to people and Why? How can Cindy Crawford promote her product and how does (MB) get away with treating people in this manner ? Does Cindy Crawford really care about the little people like me or.Does she care how I am treated by the people who work for her? This is an injustice ...

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      Dec 22, 2011

    I, too, w sucked in by the I-want-to-look-like-Cindy-Crawford gimmick. Here is what I found: only the first shipment is sent at $39.95 and $5 shipping. Consider it a "trial" shipment. If you don't cancel, the second, and subsequent shipments, are 90 DAY SUPPLY KITS, SHIPPED AT A COST OF $139.95 and $10 shipping. This is blatantly undisclosed. So when you get this second shipment (which by the way appears to have the same qty of product in it as the "trial shipment, " for this one box you will be charged THREE TIMES at about $57 each time.
    You CANNOT use the "return to sender" method as there is no way to track the company's receipt of the product. This way they can say they never received it and you will never be credited. You will only be credited if you send the package so you have DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. Then you will likely have to keep phoning until you see the credit (less the shipping).
    What I see here are a lot of small things (e.g. no hours of customer service shown on the website so you have to call and call until you finally get an answer; no cancellation information on website - you have to phone) that add up to very shady business practices. The fact that the shipments are of a different size (purportedly) and hence a different cost makes the procedure complex and easier for people to misunderstand. Companies like this make their money from misunderstandings, not from product quality.

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