Meaningful Beautyauto ship fraud

After seeing the amazing infomercials I finally decided to try the introductory kit. When ordering it was NOT obvious to me that I was electing a recurring auto ship 'membership'. I am sure it's in the fine print but a reputable company would make it obvious and force you to check a box acknowledging that you were knowingly choosing this option. So perhaps I am at fault. Anyway, the kit arrived and I read the enclosed documents and learned another shipment would be automatically sent to me and charged to my debit card (never would have used a debit had I known it was recurring, actually, never would have ordered in the first place). I decided to try the products for a week before canceling my 'membership'. I wasn't that impressed, my skin felt dry and itchy, so I called after one week to cancel. The girl on the (call center outside of US) phone urged me to give it a try. I had to get pretty adamant and she eventually said she was canceling the next order and I would receive email confirmation within 24 hours. Never got it and by that time I had checked the company's reviews and discovered this company's bad reputation and became concerned I would be charged. When the kit is delivered it says you will receive your auto refill in about 30 days. Its' really a lot closer to 2 weeks based on what I was told when I canceled. I called back to confirm my membership was canceled and was told it was, I asked for email confirmation, again was told I would have it in 24 hours. Guess what, it should come as no surprise I have never received it. I plan to contact my bank to block all transactions drafted by them because I have a bad feeling this might not go away. Such a shoddy way to do business. Had they not made me feel like I was getting ripped off from the beginning I might have given the products more of a chance and found one or two I wanted to reorder. Instead I want to never do business with Guthy Renker again, have a bad impression of Cindy Crawford and Valerie Bertinelli and feel compelled to spread the word. Lesson learned, check the reviews before ordering anything.

Feb 16, 2015

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