Me 1136 Fossil Watchlack of care at customer care dept.

I received my long awaited fossil me 1136 watch by ups from california on thursday january 15, 2015 and was thrilled.
Six (6) days later the sweep second hand fell of and the watch stopped functioning. I freaked out! I had gone through a lot since november when fossil determined it had no links for the fossil titanium watch I had, which otherwise ran perfectly, I couldn't wear it because the metal band was too tight. (I got fat!)
I searched the internet and finally found the "perfect" fossil watch in sherman oaks, california. I finally was able to get it on the 15th.
I am 68 and live alone in a nursing home in ny state. I am poor and get an allowance of $50 a month from social security, so getting this watch was the biggest deal in years. I was very happy for 6 days.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Poughkeepsie, NY Then I became depressed and later annoyed at the lack of interest at fossil customer care. I can't sleep. This bad luck goes over and over in my mind.
My new watch stopped after 6 days. The second hand fell off through no fault of mine. I am not physically active and nothing to cause the watch's failure.
I explained all this to a dolt named jose, at customer care and instead of appoligizing and reaching out for a replacement, he acted very unimpressed by my plight.
I had sent over 60 emails back and forth to fossil customer care. I expected someone might remember me and the nice compliment I posted on facebook, at their website.
I have not heard anymore from customer doesn't care. My fossil watch is just sitting here broken. There has been little or no contact from fossil. They apparently don;t customer care!

Jan 23, 2015

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