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Complaints & Reviews

low quality of bag purchased

I purchased a £250 fossil bag, reduced in a sale to £150 at a Fossil shop on Oxford Street/close to Bond Street station in the middle of January 2017. Within 6-7 weeks the leather started to peel off the bag and it looked old and worn out. I returned the bag to the branch on Sat 25 March. I was told by the assistant and then the manager that only the zip of seem were insured on warranty and I could not therefore have a refund. The manager said that it was 'soft leather' and therefore this can happen. The manager refused to refund my money so I was left to pick another bag that I did not want. She offered at 20% discount and said that 'she was doing me a favour' by offering this, although this discount was being offered to everyone that walked in the shop. I find it unacceptable that a brand like Fossil would sell an item at that cost, which becomes unsightly and aged within such a short period of time. I also feel that a refund should have been given, as the leather was clearly peeling off. I feel let down by the quality of Fossil products and more disappointed at the lack of customer service. I would appreciate your input.


I purchased a watch in november paying 13 k trusting the brand in lifestyle koramangala... After a week wen I wore it, it was not working n when I visited d showroom and complaints abt it first and foremost dey didn't trust me and secondly dey refused 2 exchange and did nothing.

I visited d fossil repair centre dey told dey need 2 observe the watch for 7 working day on my request dey told after 7 day dey ll delivered watch 2 me but unfortunately I vent received.. Loads of follow up and request finally I get 2 talk to service time and dey say watch was ready long back... I think I did mistake by buying watch from fossils worst service from bangalore team... I want 2 exchange d watch dey deny it... U buy a watch if it don't work ur bad luck but fossils willnt exchange r refund

fossil leather watch straps

My parent bought me a leather Fossil watch as a presnt for my 21st birthday (26 May 2016) at Edgars in Kimberley's Mall South Africa but few months after that the strap first lost it colour and turned into a much darker colour than it originally was. Then in November 2016 the strap broke.
Im so disappointed because you pay thousands of money for something that dont even last longer than a couple of months.
Now I must pay AGAIN for a new strap.
I wil never buy a Fossil watch again because two of my friends have the same problem.
Bad quality leather straps.

rude behaviour of manager (lady)

I gave my watch for repair as it stopped working and also to replace the chain as the colour is getting faded...

faulty rose gold necklace, no customer service at manchester arndale store

My husband bought a matching rose gold necklace, bracelet and earrings for me as a gift. Not long after, the necklace started to 'tarnish' and looked terrible. I wasn't able to get to the store for some time but I eventually tried to return the necklace. They insisted that I must have a receipt which, on this occasion I hadn't brought with me expecting that there wouldn't be any issue about changing or refunding as the necklace was clearly faulty, it no longer matched the other pieces and looked awful. So, today I returned to the store with my receipt and the faulty necklace...I spoke to the deputy manager, Andrew, showed him my receipt and the faulty necklace but he would not entertain either a refund or a replacement telling me that this sometimes happened with rose gold. Obviously, it no longer matches my other items. Rubbish customer service and rubbish item of jewellery. Don't buy rose gold from Fossil.

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watch model fs-4096

I got a brand new Fossil watch model FS-4096 (Blue dial SS) as gift in 2010. I stopped working in 2015. Replaced battery but did not work. I tried to send it for repair but the online service requires the original receipt. The watch has a 11 year warranty. But it is very illogical to ask for original receipt after 4-5 years. Perhaps this is a way to avoid keeping warranty repairs.

poor service - crap quality

I bought a limited edition Fossil watch three thousand rand end of October and four months later I had take the watch in for repairs four times already!! The quality of Fossil watches is pathetic!! I have owned faaaar cheaper watches as a student with hardly the fraction of a headache from their quality!! Like Fossil quality isn't bad enough - the inefficient staff!! What a shame!! I asked to have the watch replaced and I had an option to take another one for the same value... I chose a Skagen watch and two little precious stones inside had fallen off with in 3 days of me having owned the watch!!! I took the watch back after the weekend!!! FOSSIL GROUP produces crappy watches!!! Its pathetic!!! I will never ever spend a cent on them again and I will be sure to advise people to buy watches from elsewhere.

The least one expects when buying a fairly expensive watch is decent quality and reasonable customer service. The staff at these stores are poorly trained, if trained at all!! Even for something, as basic as requesting an exchange they rely on the store manager who doesn't work full store hours!! SHOCKING

  • Sa
    saleembhai Jun 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bracelet torn within a year show no care for customers though the bracelet comes under no warranty it is rusted and has no quality and spare bracelets are also not available to purchase

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  • Sa
    sancho mendoza Mar 22, 2011

    Item: Decker Black Chronograph Dial Watch w/ Gray PU Watch Strap
    Style #: CH2601

    When worn, Gray PU Watch Strap causes allergic reaction to my wrist.

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lack of care at customer care dept.

I received my long awaited fossil me 1136 watch by ups from california on thursday january 15, 2015 and wa...

Resolved customer service

I have just received the worst costumer service of my life. I had bought a Fossil watch about 2 weeks ago...

Resolved repair centre trashed my limited ed watch

If you are buying a watch and hope to have it for more than 3 years do not get a fossil also never ever send...

Amsterdam Jewelry & Watches

Resolved product quality and after sales service

I bought fossil watch 2 years back. Since the time i had bought it, nothing seems to be ok. Product is extremely bad in terms of
1. Color shading off
2. Watch not working

No body cares once the product is sold. After sales service makes it bad. I have been writing mails, visiting distributor again and again but nobody cares. Watch response is extremely poor.

Resolved service

I sent my fossil watch for repair got it back recently, i had bought this watch 2 years ago.
Since it was out of warranty they made it a point to ruin my watch before they it was returned.
I had sent it for servicing and i was suppose to get the watch in 45 days... I got it almost after 2 months that too in such a pathetic condition.
The watch has scratches all over the metal belt as you can see in the pic. The back cover was also replaced which does not look good. I had asked for the mechanism of the watch to be replaced, not the back cover.
They charged me 1700 Indian Rs for this. I am never gonna buy anything from fossil again that's for sure.

Mikhil Sonavaria


I would like to complain about fossil's awful customer service

I bought an armani-exchange-b108177">armani exchange watch in January. It turned out to be defective in 2 weeks time after its first contact with water. I sent it to Fossil in order for it to be repaired. They sent me a replacement watch after more than 20 days. This replacement watch turned out to be defective as well, but no one had bothered to check it before it was sent to me. So I sent it for repair again. This time I was assured I would get a working watch. However, now it has been almost 40 days since this assurance and I still don't have a watch (not even the defective one is with me). All I have is a collection of e-mails from a certain Rachel which are absolutely inconsistent with each other and a receipt dor the 135 GBP I have paid for that.

Today I got a letter offering me to choose from alternative watches. However this letter had like 10 watches in the price range I have been offerred and none of them amounted even remotely to my original watch.

What struck me is that the letter said that 'they didn't have the parts to repair my watch' while in their previous e-mail they assured me that if I wanted to I could get a BRAND NEW ax1139. So they took my money in January and I have been made a fool of for over 60 days now.

All I wanted was a working watch but all I got was lies and delays. If I wanted a refund, from what I understood, it is going to be easier and faster if I went in the street and begged for my 135 GBP. I do want someone to do something about that and I want to have the watch I HAVE PAID FOR OVER 2 MONTHS AGO as the company did not wait for 2 months before they took my money, did they ???

Resolved terrible service

I would like to bring to the notice of the fossil watch company about the dont care attitude I received from a store they supply their products to.
2 weeks ago I went to a foschini store to purchase a watch for a birthday gift to my sister.
The value of which was r1399.00
When going to pay for the item the lady gives me the watch in a lanco box.
When I asked why is it not in original packaging she said they are not supplied with the boxes at the same tym as they receive the watches.
This really frustrated me and obviously was not goin to buy a watch that costed r1399.00 and gift it to someone in a cheap plastic lanco box.
Kindly look in this matter. I would like some feedback on this.
Thank you

watch repair

I purchased 2 fossil watches in the united states of america in 2005. They were damned expensive!!. The watch...

the watch is literally falling apart and they will not replace it

Fossil being one of the big brands in watches would make you think that their watches are good quality, but you would be very very wrong.

My fossil cost me r2000, with in one monthe the strap broke then it got water inside the face (Although it said 100m on the back) and the to top it off the button for the stop watch just fell out the side of the watch. All of this within 9 months of being bought, can you believe it.

Then I tried to take it back. I spoke to winston seals at head office and he tell's me 7 working days ha. What a load of ****, cause once I got there they tell me no less than 4 weeks.
Not one of the repairs could be done in shop, even the strap!!!

The watch is literally falling apart and they will not replace it. This is shocking!!!

  • Wa
    warrior17 Jan 18, 2011

    Yes, I can believe it and here's why: BUYERS ARE LIARS. Did you run over it with a truck? Drop it down the garbage disposal? Retailers are not responsible if you have damaged the item yourself. I wonder if that might be the problem.

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poor workmanship and still no service at all

I complained about two weeks ago about poor workmanship and service and demanded to have my watch replaced after several repairs that was done badly as the problem re occured. Then I got a 50% discount voucher and not a new watch, and a promise that my watch will be repaired according to standard and no problems would occur. They also said a hole in my face caused the water to come in, the hole was never there and the back cover loose again, and that is where the water entered. But they sent my watch back after fitting the back cover and sealing the watch. I got my watch back sat the 27th feb 2010 and it got fog from my hand and not the face and again my watch strap broke, it is now the 5th time. I had my watch in a working condition for 3 hours, what workmanship is that. I am very very unhappy and I want my watch replaced as it gets worse and worse after each repair that takes place, every time it is a repair on a repair and again I will have no watch for the upcoming argus. Please assist as I get no assistence from fossil, I want a watch that does not break constantly, we pay a lot of money for these items, but we just sit with problems. No customer service and satisfaction!!!

Resolved bad quality watch band

I purchased fossil watch from shoppers stop, jaipur & repair two times in warranty period. Now it is again not working condition & shoppers stop isn't entertain my problem.
Model no. Bq 9327


  • Ka
    kashish chauhan Jul 17, 2014

    Hi Shoppers stop,
    We visited your store ( Gaur Central Mall, rajnagar ghaziabad) and did some shopping there on Monday 13 july 2014 i.e. Sunday . I want to bring to your attention the kind of experience we had. This single experience had things gone wrong the worst experience we had there. I hope you realize that your organization should be way better than giving customers such experience.We have purchase GIO brand wrist watch from there on the same day as we got to know that there is 50% sale going on some products .When we checked the same at home there was some scratches over there some threads are coming out, we went there on the very same day that is Monday 14 july 2014 the pesron who was sitting in exchange department said that there is no exchange policy, but after seeing the defects on watch, manager agreed to change it with some other brand or whatever we like, then we opted FOSSIL brand (not in sale/offer) as the brand is very popular and expensive also as comparision to GIO brand it must be far better, then next day again when i wore that watch i saw that one needle is out from the point. Is a customer is fool or what we are failed to understand, they have no exchange policy then why shoppers stop sold such defaulty products, now what is our fault that we have opted shoppers stop for shopping or what ? Please sort our my problem as i need solution from the same the watch cost around 9000/-approximate. Either return my amount else change the same.I was under the impression that Shoppers Stop took pride in being one of the best retail stores in the country such bad services is definitely not expected from a big brand name.

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Resolved damage glas

This is to put at your notice that I had purchased fossil watch from one of yours authorised dealer at vashi the address for the shop is as follows:
Just in time,
16, big splash, sector 17, vashi, navi mumbai - 400703.
Tele: [protected].
I think they are licensed to sell your company’s products; the model and dc no of my watch is 3h2515 & 1082.
On 3rd august 2010, I had given my watch to your above authorised dealer as its glass was damaged due to my personal mishandling they had made it clear to me that the expenses occurred to be borne by me and I was very much ok with it. I was given the tag time of 20 to 25 working days for getting things done but it’s being more than a month and after so much time taken the response and service from your side is very sad and un professional to be said. As per my regular follow up with your authorised dealer I don’t get proper response or estimate from them and no clarity on when is the delivery time. As today I manage to speak with one of yours representative mr raghu and he told me that he again require 15 to 20 days to find out the details it’s my humbled request to you people kindly take my case on priority and on personal ground and get it solved at the earliest.
Waiting for your positive and quick reply and also call.
Thanks warm & regards,
Mohit kapoor.

  • Pr
    prashant patade Dec 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had also faced similar issue. I had given my watch (ESPIRT) on 23rd Dec 2011 for replacing glass. At that time, watch was working perfectly fine. But when I visited back on 29th Dec 2011 to collect same, I found that it was not working. After checking with technician, he first give me some foolish reason saying that the hour and minute hands are not the one to show the time but a part of chronograph (How stupid). Adter telling him that for last 3 years it was showing time only he agreed that watch is not working. He said, it was not working from day when I submiited watch but the girl who wrote the service slip forgot to mention same (Again some stupid reason to hide his fault). Finally, after long mouth bashing with him, he finally said that he will try for it and handed over new service slip. I had already told him that I will not pay a single peny for same and he has to get it working. Today, I am planning to visit the shop again, lets see.

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Resolved defective product

I purchased wallet in December, the stitching began to unravel pretty soon after beginning to use. Called Fossil customer service. Very bad experience. They refused to send me advance replacement--even though I said charge me and refund when you get defective merchandise back. They categorically refused to do so. I asked, "Where do I put my stuff while I'm waiting for a new wallet having sent the defective one back? Men don't have multiple wallets, so where do I put my credit cards, money, driver's license, etc.?" She essentially said, not my problem, we don't do that. I asked if I really had the "customer service" department, because clearly she didn't understand the concept. I advise NOT buying from these guys. They just don't get it.