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MCM / Bad service

1 United States

This company is the worst collection company in the world. When you try to call and resolve the problem you have representatives that instead of trying to help you resolve the problem, they want to talk to you as though you are 5 years old. This debt that I have is very old, because of a lot back and forth with the orginial company, which never sent me out the settlement contract to get this debt paid. This debt has now been sold and resold to everybody's mother, brother, aunt, uncle and cousin. Too make a long story I called in to get the bill resolved and everything that I asked to possibly do, I was shut down. I spoke to a Ms. Martinez and had already explained to her how nasty another person of her company so that she doesn't do the same thing...what do you think she did the same exact thing wanting to talk with me as though I was five, then has the nerve to say I am going to put on hold until you calm down, as though I was getting a time out, but yet she wanted to talk to me any kinda way. I called back agaiin to speak with another representative only to be put on hold for 10 Looooooooooooooooooong minutes while they sit and talk amongst themselves. Mr. Tahile gets on the phone and do the very same thing that the other representatives and did and started going off as well. He said well you called this month so we want money this month, although I was telling him payments could't start until the 10th of April. Today is the 22 of March, I was asking for 16 days to start he made it sound as though I was asking for the impossible. So I then questioned him and said if I called in April then it wouldn't be no problem and he said, so I said fine I'll call you back in April.. These people have no compassion for other human beings. If I had talk to someone on the phone the way they talk to people I would have been FIRED ON THE SPOT. It is obvious that they do not have any customer service skills as all and do not know how to deal with the public.


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