MBI Probillertaking unauthorised payments

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The last 6 months they have taken a massive amount of my hard earned money and from signing up to a game trial for a pounds increased massively i found the contact number after six months been looking everyday my contract has been cancelled Over the phone on what I found over the web
Number is easy it's a scam though it charges a pound a minute

Aug 25, 2017
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  • Ms
      Jun 03, 2018

    Listen listen I don't know who they think they are but they honestly think I won't be returned the money they've scammed from me they better think again. I live on monthly budget and taking money I didn't authorize is beyond incomprehensible. I guarantee I'll get money returned and blast them all over the place. I'm so mad right now. I just got out of recovering from chronic medical condition requiring on going treatment out and inpatient. This is ridiculous to have to go thru. My life is to important to me to waste on scammers who have everything and more but lack morals or values of any kind. What do they teach their children? It's people like this that cause so many problems in this country. Taking nearly $100 from me when didn't even have to be taken. Just isn't right.

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