Mattress Warehousebait and switch on floor model sale bed

My husband and I went to Mattress Warehouse at Brei Creek in Raleigh because they advertised good sale prices on the display models and we needed a new set fro our spare room. We spent a lot of time both alone and with the sales lady looking at various types but decided we liked the tempurpedic air-adjustable with adjustable base that was marked 50% off. The saleslady said it had been on display for 2 years so it was $1500. We tried out the controls for the air-firmness and for the adjustable base. At no time did the sales lady say the base was not included in the sale price and she did not try to sell us the base even though we were trying it out and asking if it would fit into a regular bed frame. She told us it could be delivered in one week and on a Saturday so we decided to buy. The next day we got a call that they did not deliver on Saturdays - ever- and it would be 2 weeks before we could have it. When they finally delivered it they delivered only the mattress and plain box springs. When we called the store they claimed the adjustable base was priced separately and had a separate tag on it. (It did not and we look all, over that bed.) and if it had been separate she would have tried to sell it to us because we were testing it and asking her about it. She was doing a bait and switch so that we would pay the price and the tag but not get the display model - she would switch out the base for plain box springs. The store refuses to admit any misrepresentation or to make good on the price and display model that we were shown. Don't deal with this company - you will get ripped off. And they do not care what their reputation is or about obeying the law. They only want your money and to provide you with as little as possible to get it

Nov 21, 2015

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