Mathis Brothers Furniture / poor customer service on repairs

Ontario, Ca, United States

We purchased a sofa, chair and ottoman in June of 2016 at the Ontario Mathis Bros. store for $1984. We started noticing problems with the furniture around January 2017, Springs popping out the bottom of couch, padding deteriated in the couch & chair arms, seat and back cushions collapsing and the ottoman slanting to one side. We called in March 2017 and explained the problems and were told that it was covered under our warranty as it was less than a year old. We explained that we had several gatherings that we needed the pieces for over the next 2 months and were told to call back for pick up in June. The pieces were picked up on 6/19/2017 and repaired then returned to us on 6/30/2017. We were happy with what had been done and we informed that the repairs had a 1 year warranty. The furniture started breaking down around Dec 2017 and we called to advise Mathis bros of this but could not be without pieces at that time. We called on March 6, 2018 and spoke with Lisa to arrange a pickup date and were told someone would call us back. We called again in May with no response. On July 20, 2018 we called and spoke to Cynthia who said only the chair and sofa would be repaired, the ottoman was an accessory and quote "We would be out of luck on the ottoman". I asked several times during this conversation for a supervisor or for a number I could call to get this resolved and she said there was no supervisor or number I could call. She said I could call back the next day speak with a Mgr. named Jennifer at [protected]. Over the next 2 days I called and left 3 messages for Jennifer and my calls were not returned. On 8/22 I spoke with Jenneth who tried to get me a mgr. named Michelle as Jennifer was never available. Michelle returned my call and agreed to take all 3 pieces as all 3 were faulty and repaired the 1st time but we would have to pay $90 for pick up. We explained that we feel the $90 should be waived as the furniture is faulty and has been repaired and now requires the repairs to be repaired. We have had several discussions with Michelle, where we have asked for a corporate number or someone higher than her and she continually responds that there is no one above her and no corporate office. We find this hard to believe as we have since discovered this online complaint email. We feel that Mathis Brothers should stand behind what they sell and waive the $90 pick up fee to repair the faulty furniture. We are very concerned that after it is repaired a 2nd time it will start to deteriorate and come apart again within a few months. We believe at this time a better resolution to the faulty furniture would be to issue us a full refund or a store credit replace the faulty furniture. We look forward to hearing back from someone as soon as possible.


Mitchell & Kelly Morales
Cust# [protected]

Oct 22, 2018

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