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i'm trying to close down my account and having problems the area which you can do this has moved and has become a password protection... which will not allow me pass saying incorrect details - i have meet someone and want to close down my account before they take another payment... as soon as i want to do this the account hides t but happly tells you if you don't close it down 24 hours before renewal date they will take another £86.00, so i have called the site on [protected] which close very early in the afternoon 5.00 pm so went out of my way took time off work to call to be greeted with we cant help you, system is down, i asked to talk to someone on how i too... and before i could finish was told we can not help you as system is down and again tried to explain my problem but again the lady said we closing soon so will have to finish the call - i asked could i talk to someone in charge ''no they are all busy'' have you a complaints number i can call '' we have only one number'' i asked again can i talk to your manager she put me on hold after a few minutes can back no they are all busy - i asked who governs your industry have you a name or web page or phone number so i can contact to complain about this customer service ''no'' i said i was not happy and very unhappy about the way i was being treated ''ok'' and again i was told we are closing soon i asked for her name which was Bianca -
i work in the customer service business and we are trained to take any issue seriously and always help to point the person in the correct direction to solve and please the customer... i was going to give a recommendation as i found someone but after this i will find it hard to be polite or be complementary as to the attitude of its staff and hiding the cancel button and not wanting to help me - hopefully you can help me sort this out
my details are Customer number: [protected]
my contact details are [protected]
i don't want anything just the account closed down and promise they will not take any money out of my account, which in the past they have done and will not refund with a comment you should have cancel the account.
such a bad attitude

Jul 01, 2016

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