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scam will not monitor and control profiles online. There are many misrepresentations on and there are more and more profiles that are fake. One of my friends wrote to a guy for 3 months and he turned out to be a female in prison! Be careful! I have another friend that met a guy that claims he is 45 years old with 1 child. This profile name: glassisfull999 is NOT 45 years old! Steve is going to be 49 years old and has 3 children! He again misrepresents himself on This is NOT fair to women looking for specific criteria in what they hope to meet. I know many women in my age group of 35-45 that is not interested in wasting their time with a man that is over the age of 45 years. This man is going to be 50 soon and it is totally not fair to single women on I would hope that would consider changing and monitoring profiles. Please consider!

  • Ga
    Garold Jul 30, 2009

    What a pitty that you are not responsive to the needs of your members:

    1) Geographic Location: Example, I live in SACRAMENTO, California, you refer matches that live in other states in USA or London!
    2) AGE CRITERIA: I am 62 years, like to meet women between 49 to 59 years old. You mail me matches in their 20's, 30's, or senior citizen in their 65-75 range.
    3) TECHNICAL SUPPORT, Customer Services, two weeks ago, said, "We have Technical Support problem." I wonder if you have RESPONSIBLE people to get the job done. Once upon a time, you were quite efficient. Alas, you are no longer responsive, alert, coherent or logical.

    REMEMBER, I still live in SACRAMENTO, CA, not in Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico, or London. Match me with people who live in Greater Sacramento or Bay Area San Francisco.

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  • 28
    28539jackie Nov 24, 2009

    I worked for Without the ability of going into your account I'll try to help you. What appears to be happening is that the matches you are being sent, is of women who you meet their criteria. Apparently these women are looking for a man, your age, and located in your area, therefore you are getting their information as a potential match. Yes, some women might want to meet a man in CA and relocate to CA therefore is letting you know of these matches. Unfortunately these matches are made through a computer. Call their customer service and ask them to preview the criteria of your matches. I took calls addressing the same issue and was able to help the customer just by looking over his match criteria. When I had an account, I also mentioned in my profile, that I was only looking for matches within 25 miles of my home, this would also discourage any of those who viewed my profile and who lived far from contacting me. If you can't get a rep that can help you, ask to speak to a supervisor. Hope it helps!

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  • Ka
    Kami5820 Jun 25, 2011

    I think I met this guy 15 months ago! He has three kids and goes by Steve and resides in Cleveland. We met at a local pub and he showed up saying he was 42!

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  • Sa
    samara37 Jan 12, 2012

    Rudely treated, would not give me the name of the people I spoke with, or their boss. I was not given respect or information about the customer service employee I talked with on any occasion. I was hung up on although I was under control and not swearing, yelling etc. I asked for a refund within a few days of purchasing. Three days of service is not worth $189.00. They refused to prorate, or to give me a refund, on a bad product; their services.

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stealing money

I joined for 3 months and when I went to cancel they offered me a special of 3 months for the price of 1 month to stay as a member, so I decided that I would give it another try. I did not have good luck the first time, but thought that perhaps my life circumstances were preventing me from using their services and would give it another shot. Just before my next 3 months were over, I logged into my account that I had not been using because of time constraints and other factors to cancel once again. I had another offer of staying for 3 more months for the price of 1 month and declined this time know that I did not want to be a member even if they paid me to be one. I was very diligent about making sure that this cancelation went through as I have had 2 other girlfriends get raked over the coals by them in the past and had hundreds of dollars deducted from their accounts due to forgetting to cancel. They tried to get their money back as they were both in serious relationships and did not know of the policy that they were going to automatically renew if they did not physically go into their account and cancel themselves. The company is so shady that not only did they neglect to process my cancelation when I asked them to do so, they proceeded to take $50.98 out of my bank account that I was slowing starting to close and had very limited funds in it. I got a notice from my bank for an overdraft and I was furious as I have never ever in my entire 35 years on this earth bounced a check or had to use overdraft protection. I called and did get my $50.98 but after numerous calls numerous times, they refused to issue me a check for the $22 my bank charged me. I am very upset at the fact that is scamming people out of their hard earned money. If I were on a very strict budget and needed that $22, then I could have had other financial difficulties paying my bills. has become so greedy that they cannot even pay for trying to scam me out of my money. The said “it was a technical glitch in the system and had happened to others”. They refused to give me the overdraft fee from my bank and told me to call my bank and ask them to remove it. It is not fair that I had to spend my time calling them numerous times waiting on hold for long periods of time and talking to their incompetent employees let alone pick up the phone one more time and tell my bank that I was requesting they pay for being a scammer. Please beware before signing up with They need to do some serious quality control and get a grip on reality when they are the ones that made the “mistake”. Then think of all of the people that don’t notice the glitch or just suck up the fees for lack of time or other reasons. is scamming people and they need to stop. Beware. Don’t use their services. They will try and rob your money any way they can.

  • oggggggg Apr 26, 2011 ia a fraud, they will steal your money
    They don't answer my last email now that they have my money,
    they approved of my profile more then ten times.
    and then through me out with a one word explanation, and refuse to give me my money back, Wow Has stealing from people on SS become a way of life for them?
    what do they tell your kids when they ask what they do?
    o we steal from old people on SS why?? yes I'll teach you how to do this some day.
    well I'll see you in small clams court; if this rape charge an other that will faller doesn't do you in
    I feel good about myself. life is good for me even though their are people like you around stealing from us.
    i would join a class action suit in a secant, good buy Yahoo, you will never get another cent from me.
    Occie Gilliam see i sign my full name cause i have nothing to hide.

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  • Ke
    KenFlorida Jan 31, 2014

    I too got scammed into purchasing a three month membership. While checking my credit card balance last week, I noticed a charge for $119 from I never recieved any notice from them, that it was up for renewal. Neither did they say how much time this money was for. I tried closing my account with no luck. So I finally had my bank cancel my card. At leas now they cannot "automatically" renew! I am still out $119 however! These people are thieves, plain and simple!

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  • Ai
    AintNoFoolsHere Apr 23, 2015

    They did the EXACT same thing to me. I had a subscription for 3 months, then cancelled it. THREE TIMES my account was reactivated without my doing, and each time, it was re-activated without my consent. Then, then proceeded to charge me for a full year's subscription. I called within 1 hour of seeing the charge on my account (it was PayPal, so I saw the charge immediately). It was like pulling teeth to get them to remove the charge. They kept telling me it wasn't a renewal, that I initiated the subscription. I hadn't used Match in over 6 months! Their $69. charge happened over a weekend, and while they refunded the subscription amount (telling me they were doing me a "special favor, " the refund didn't go through for 3 business days, causing my account to be overdrawn. Totally fraudulent charge. Irritated me enough to file a complaint with the BBB, asking for a letter of apology, and $250 (what it ultimately cost me). I got a "nice" letter from their legal department.] stating " doesn't do business like that..." If you look on the BBB, you'll see they have had 767 complaints filed for accounting/billing issues. That, along with these stories above, speaks volumes about the type of business they run. If I were a public figure, and felt like broadcasting to the world that I'd used Match in the first place, I would Tweet something about them, to let the world know what's going on. Something along the lines of 'United Breaks Guitars' (look it up). Someone do it, please!

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Lowery Mar 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same thing to me. i joined for six months this summer as i moved to a new location and wanted to meet people. it was a "special trial offer". i am extremely limited on resources right now. i agreed to a six month "trial". thats it. i did not agree to have more money deducted from my card which i didn't have in my account adn i was then changed an overdraft fee of thirty dollars on top of the $107 they took illegally. they are basically stealing money. when i called three times to ask them to put MY MONEY back in MY account...they said they couldn't and hung up. very unprofessional, Thats called STEALING. THEFT. i want my mooney back from this horrible organization.

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Fan Sep 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Another victim here! I gave it a try in April when it was on offer 4.99 per month, and since then they charge my bank account 29.99 each month without authorisation!!!

    Anyone has dignity will not trust any more! It's just a rubbish company !!!
    Why UK has such terrible company and allows this company exist?!!

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  • Ja
    Jarrod Wells May 02, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They stole my money as well. I read their terms of service. I never violated any of their rules. I never said anything rude. I never said anything considered inappropriate. I never double messaged anyone. I am a gentleman. I paid over $200 for a 12 month prescription. I had it for 3 weeks and they terminated me. They said I was soliciting. I've never slept with a prostitute in my life, nor have I ever searched for one online.
    Match is a con. Here's why they do what they do. It costs them $5-10 a month to keep your profile up and running, but if they can delete 30, 000-40, 000 profiles a month, they can pocket a lot of money. With millions of profiles, the 30, 000-40, 000 people who are deleted slip under the radar.
    I also believe that we have a corrupt justice system. Imagine if you bought a $200 plate at an expensive restaurant but they didn't deliver your food. Then they came out and said, "sorry, you violated our dress code. Goodbye." If they didn't refund you you're money their business would soon be closed down by the local police. Yet online, no one cares. Imagine the tens of thousands of people who have been stolen from and no ones does anything to stop this.

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stole credit card info

Viewed my online banking statement yesterday, and found that [protected] some how got ahold of my credit card information and charged $37.30 to my account unknowingly.

released my photo to, and then falsified my information

I am a member of On Sept. 13th., I entered my profile name into Google, and up it came on
It said where I was from and my age, and false information was entered. It showed that I am a single mother of 2.
I am a widow with no children. In the blank space for a photo, It showed no photo, but I hit on it anyway and up came the newest photo that I have on
I complained to immediately. When I searched a minute later, all the information had been taken off
I wrote back because it was still showing that I am a mother of 2 and single on and that my situation could not be rectified because I look like a liar.
They wrote back the following:

om: This sender is DomainKeys verified" Customer Care" <[protected]>Add sender to Contacts

Dear Member,

Thank you for your email.

Due to a keyword search we ran against your email, we believe you may be asking us about photos. This rapid-reply email represents an additional effort on our part to deliver an answer to your question as quickly as possible. If the following information doesn't answer your question, please reply directly to this message for individualized assistance.

  • Ya
    yaknowit Sep 17, 2010

    Wow, they really try to get around any kind of confrontation it sounds like to me. I hope you can get things straightened out.
    I'll never go on that dating site.

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unauthorized transaction Warning to all: I purchased 6 months membership with, I cancelled my policy one week...

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fraudulent credit card charge

Just checked my bank account online and found a fraudulent charge from WMV*MATCH.COM [protected] for $43.54.
I googled it and got a complain on this site, apparently I am not the only one.
I have never been to the website.
If this happens to you cancel your card immediately. I do not know what happened here, but its obviously a scam and I have initiated a dispute to get the money back.

I can't believe this same crap has been happening with for at least the last year and a half (12/08 was the first similar complaint I saw), and they havent been sued out of business.

  • Je
    jeffashley91 Jul 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also find it difficult to log in i created three different accounts and whenever i pay the bill then i'm not be able to use the account again so i want your resolution service to help me this is my email i used [email protected] & [email protected] my usenames are jeffashley91, zider123 & jeff_kins

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unathorized charge

I had $34.99 taken out of my checking account by unauthorized use of my Debit Card. I have gone to the bank and had that card cancelled and a new one issued. I also filed a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General. I would recommend to anyone who has been ripped off by to do the same thing. The Attorney General of your state will investigate, and if proven that is stealing ATM and Credit card numbers, they will be prosecuted for Internet Fraud. I still haven't gotten my money back, but that is because of VISA. Hopefully not too long to wait.

  • Je
    Jeannette G Duemonque Nov 13, 2010

    Hi, seems like we have one thing in common, I too was charged with $ 34.99 on my debit card without prior Authorization.I found out when I started getting Overdraft Notices from my Bank in my Mailbox. The Amount they took out caused an Avalanche of Overdraft Fees as that was not in my Budget as all my Bills are on automatic monthly Payments.I had to borrow Money to cover $180.00 in Charges to my Bank, wich caused me a real Hardship because I'am on a fixed monthly Social Security Income.!!! I had to close my Debit Card, due to this Fraud.I tried to call this company to no avail, I tried to e-mail Customer Service, they want even let you contact them unless you are a member.Anyone knows how I can get in contact with them???? I want a Refund!!!

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  • Kg
    KG2008 Dec 14, 2010

    They got both my credit card and my debit card. My cards are cancelled but won't get replacements for 7 days...12/23. I did call them - not sympathetic at all. Wanted me to give them my credit card number and address. They don’t care at all. Next on my list, BBB & my Atty General’s office. I went and called their US customer service number.

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  • Sm
    smokey66 Dec 29, 2010

    My Visa account was charged $34.99 on Christmas day and a refund was posted immediately. This show a consciences of guilt. I contacted, I was told their fraud team caught the illegal transaction and reversed it. The question remains, how is this happening, it is not an isolated incident. I had to cancel my credit card, apply for a new one, but if this happened once, what will keep them from doing it again? I plan to contact the California Attorney General's office, I can imagine the run around that awaits me there.

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  • Da
    david sisson Jun 27, 2014

    paid my dues on may 30 2014still wont let me access it would like to know the problem

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tell the bbb of dallas texas

If you want to stop from taking money out of your account file a complaint with the bbb on line and tell them what they are doing to you. The information I posted is correct and that is their corporate offices address and phone number. Do not allow to take money out of your account or charge your credit cards. Stop them in their tracks, yes they do have felons, dirty cops and other undesirables on their website waiting to hurt many of the women who log on and join. They do not guarantee your safety nor do they care about your online complaint blogs. As long as the ads run nationwide and people sign up their bottom line is the money they can make off of you. You are all smart, well educated people use the systems in place to stop them from hurting you and the millions of others out here looking for love. They are a corrupt company who only cares about making money and they are not going to ever close your accounts unless you go through the right channels.

Complain to the fbi at, let them start monitoring their website for felons, killers and others who should not be ont he site. Use your head and file complaints through legal sites that will help you.

Good luck and be safe

  • Dd
    ddaniels1384 Dec 21, 2013

    I would like to cancel my account and refund my money back to my debit card my account is blocked, i cant do anything about it please can you get my account canceled my email is [email protected] please..

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nigerian romance scam

I was always reluctant to internet dating as i am very "old school". I registered on the three day trial on On the same day i was approached by many but one caught my attention. We chatted for hours and hours, next day. . The same things. We had so much in common that i started to think the really works! On the third day he asked me to go to yahoo messenger and to delete my profile from match as he wanted to be exclusive.
After two weeks and many promises of forever love, sending flowers and brain manipulation; he asked for money. I knew then and there that this was a scam!
There should be more screening done when it comes to internet dating.
Romance scam is the new mafia and needs to stop!

This individual who calls himself kelly morgan (Living in orlando but working in nigeria) probably used a stolen ccard to purchase membership as well as the flowers. A verification of the credit card at the time of registration should at least screen these monsters.

Ladies beware, kelly is coming for you!!!

nigerian romance scam
nigerian romance scam

  • Cl
    clas4 Aug 30, 2010

    Thank god mastercard red - flagged my card. There had been numerous attempts to charge on my card (Some successful) from,, and macy's. I am hopeing to be refunded, but because of these hackers have to wait to get a new card, and my good credit back. There was a total of over 4000. 00 attempted to fraudulently charge, with only 300. 00, too much, have been charged.

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false promise of 6 months gurantee

I subscribed for their "6 months guarantee" program which PROMISES the member if he/she has not found the right one, he/she will automatically get another 6 months free membership. Well, it just turned out this promise is nothing more than a catch. My 6 months membership just got terminated without any notification. I called the customer care to see what happened to their "6 months guarantee", they told me that they wouldn't be able to provide that due to my "lack of activities". I told them I have been active by trying different methods of communications such as phone and personal emails etc. they said they need see the "progress" of having at least 5 new emails every month. Then I told them if I wasn't being active, why would I bother to call them to active my membership instead of just letting go? I even told them that I know they give free membership to some people in order to keep them on this site, my date told me that he just keep getting free monthly
membership because wants to keep him. Not to mention my request is totally legitimate abiding by the contract. I am so upset and disappointed with their fake promise and hostile customer services. Now I am disgusted by this site and wouldn't get on there anyway. It's all about them making money not helping other people as they "PROMISE"!

  • Sm
    smileykatgirl Feb 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the six-month guarantee and followed their requirements every single month. When it stated I met all of my requirements for the six months, I stopped looking at the status. I then received my credit card statement and found that I had been charged for another six months, yet I KNOW I met their requirements! I contacted them that very same day, and they state that they "can't tell" if I met my requirements because it is not visible to them after 30 days. (My credit card statement came 1 month after they added the fee.) They informed me that they send a message to the guarantee status site (one you would have to know to click on and find the message that you don't know is coming) asking if I have met someone that I have to answer within 7 days, or they cancel the guarantee and charge your card. I was appalled. This is definitely dishonest. 1) They should definitely have access to see your actions. If they are legitimate, they should be able to keep that tracking for as long as there is time for someone to dispute a charge they add without the member's permission. When the person gets the bill, they definitely should be able to check the person's status, but they deny being able to. 2) they should email you directly, not try to put it in an obscure area for a very limited time-- and truthfully, if you are still actively on Match it is obvious you are still looking at haven't found your "match". It answers their own question. 3) they should be honoring their end of the contract. If their status bar had told me I met ALL of my requirements, which it did, there should not be this unethical method to try to not grant their guarantee and charge you for another six months. Talking to the manager and the Resolutions Dept did nothing...they just say the "can't see" if I met my end of the bargain, which is just an excuse to follow through with their guarantee and try to charge you more money...a lot more money because they charge for another six months.

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  • Sm
    smileykatgirl Feb 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ADDEENDUM: They also dropped my profile, so they are definitely not even allowing the next six months per their guarantee. If you dispute their billing, which of course I am, they drop your profile. Definitely not even remotely honoring their six-month guarantee.

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renewal without notification

I have emailed to ask them to stop sending me email so I should no longer be a member,
but emails still keep coming, in fact I am getting even more introductions than before.

Their conditions state that they can take another subscription in 6 months time UNLESS YOU CANCEL FIRST.

Ask yourself -
Is there a membership cancellation button on site?                                                        No
Is there a contact email on site?                                                                                           No
Do they ask you if you still wish to continue your membership                                                           No
Do they notify you that they are going to take another subscription                                                    No
What happens if you do not cancel your membership                                                                          They charge another subscription
What should you do to stop this                                                                                                                 Change your credit card number
What happens when you ask them to stop sending emails                                                                 Nothing
Would you find any complaints on Google                                                                           Many - many about payments taken. 
What does Consumer direct say?
With regards to the trader' failure to provide you with adequate notification of the renewal, you may be able to argue that this term is unfair under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (UTCCRs), which protect consumers against unfair terms in contracts that you enter into with trader. 

Load of other complaints

  • St
    stephen99 Aug 26, 2011

    They've done the same to me. God knows how many years more they would have charged me if I hadn't noticed, quite by chance. It seems very unfair to carry on billing you when you haven't logged on for over a year. I wish I could take these unethical people to the cleaners, but how.

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it won't let me log in

I tried and tried and tried to log on to match .com and it won't let me after I had given them my credit card number. It isn't after the the 3 days for free and I can't get any help from a person. I went to the help area which told me that I was probably entering the wrong password but when I answered the right questions and it sent me an email it gave me the same password that I was typing in. Tried to go back in to redo my membership to make sure it wasn't a mistake I made and it just won't work. HELP! This company should have better customer service that this.

  • Lo
    Loribrown4 Apr 07, 2010

    Carrie, this same thing just happened to me as of today.. Some girls from work was going to put me on just playing around and I finally went ahead and paid the 3month subscription but now I can't even log in.. Did you ever fix your problem?? If so please tell me a number to call because I'm furious they have my account info and I can't even access the account..

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  • Ch
    chefjoe2490 Jun 09, 2013

    I also cannot log in, even after getting an email with my same password, it still tells me that it is incorrect. All I wanted to do was cancel the automated match emails I get every five minutes, and customer support offers no assistance.

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private profile "magically" become public

Months ago I set my profile to Private. I did not want to be seen by anyone. After a long absence from the site I logged in only to discover that my profile had magically become public. How many people viewed my profile against my wishes? I changed my profile to private, confirmed that it was private and then updated my profile, removing items and deselecting choices (by setting them to "no preference") just in case my profile magically became public once again. Just prior to logging off I checked my profile and sure enough, it had been set back to public. For the second time I set it private and sent them an email requesting that my account be deleted. As far as I can tell, there is no user action available to delete your account. Pretty sleazy.

  • Al
    Alcatrazdan Mar 06, 2011

    Maybe you were doing it wrong. Also you should do an internet search first, as you can do that yourself.

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can't unsubscribe

I have been trying to unsubscribe from almost the day after I subscribed to it. There isn't a...

scam charges

I subscribed for 1 month with The company has a policy of automatically renewing your subscription and charging your bank account without notifying you. This rips off the consumer who should be protected from companies that deliberately set out to deceive consumers. A 1 month subscription should be exactly that.

  • Ma
    marie wright Feb 18, 2010

    MATCH.COM should change their name to THIEVES.COM charged me without authorization for several months and billed my charge card. I had only signed up for a one month trial. They claim that I was supposed to cancel but they did not state this when I took the trial. There was no visible way to cancel on the email when I signed up, nor at any time thereafter. They did not answer their phone, but put me on eternal "hold" with a message that all their operators were busy and to "call back at another time." There was no way to email them as I would send the emails, but they would not reply with a "message sent" and never replied. Basic, stole my money and ran. In addition, their geographical filter was not working, or maybe they just don't have the membership, as sent me Matches from all over the USA and even the UK when I specified 250 miles of my city on their filter. I think everyone is on Plenty of because is free and just operates by resorting to fraud.
    I received over 1, 000 replies near my city from POF with exactly the same profile and photos at exactly the same time I was on Match and went on a dozen dates in around a month. I received next to no local replies on Match. POF is free. I think Match. is a total fraud (and no this is not a plug for POF). has stolen my money. They took my money and ran. You can never get off your charge card--even if you change your charge card number, they follow you to the next number. should change their name to THIEVES.COM Marie Wright

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active status

Has anyone had any problems with a profile saying "Active within 24 hours, 3 days, etc..." without the...

cannot stop emails from

Cannot stop this company (if you can even call it that) from sending me emails EVERY day with "matches" they...

bogus profiles - widowers

Every day I receive winks from men between 45-55 who claim to be widows. All the ads say that they're seeking a woman in mid-30s to mid 60s. These ads are all have beautiful ads that sounds too good to be true - very romantic, looking for love, marriage, etc. They all indicate an income over over 150k and that they're seeking a woman of any size and proportion. Usually, the profile is unavailable within a short time. I have never responded to any, but what is the big deal here? widow ads

  • 28
    28539jackie Nov 24, 2009

    I worked for, from experience I believe that they are bogus accounts, and the reason the profiles only appeared for a few days is because shut them dowm as "fraud". Nigerians open accounts using stolen charge card information in order to scam other members out of money. When is alerted to an account that appears to be bogus, they immediately shut down the account. As sson as shuts them down, the Nigerians open another one using other information from a stolen charge card number. It's an on going cycle. Be careful and never send money to any members.

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unauthorized charges

This company charged my debit card without pin authorization in the amount of $59.97. Obviously stole my number. I did not authorize this charge and have never had anything to do with them or any company like them.

  • Kp
    KP9 Oct 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just found $37.30 unauthorised charge on my card.

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  • Lo
    lolaisodd Oct 06, 2009

    I also have issues with

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  • Li
    littlecoyote Oct 21, 2009

    i have to say . Y ou people are takinking money that was not given to you i dont know how you got my card number . but i do not want any more of my money touch by you people there are any where you do the ### work ok your tuely jim fox

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  • Li
    littlecoyote Oct 21, 2009

    You are taking money out of my bank with out my ok stop at once ok thank you

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  • Ni
    Nina Woolf Nov 08, 2009

    Unauthorized charges

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  • Co
    ColoradoHermit Nov 15, 2009

    Those other guys that had fraudulent charges by WMV.MATCH.COM on there Visa card were lucky. I just had a $95.94 charge from them on my card taken on Nov. Friday the 13, 2009! And I have never been a member and don't have a clue how they did it.

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no access to email account

since they were doing web site maintenance early the morning of 13 oct 2009, i have not been able to log in to check my emails. i have tried :
username: twisteddemon password: twisted42
username: [protected] password: twisted42
neither one works, and this is the fourth complaint i have sent and i only received one answer after the first. i would appreceiate some help if possible. do i need to stop payment on this and start over or try something else? thank you.

  • Mo
    monea1986 Aug 31, 2010

    my page is saying that theres is something wrong with my account its been like that for almost three weeks now i want my money back or fix and give me in extra month for free because yall messed up i didint i paid

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