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I'm a young widow. After careful consideration and because I am new to georgia, I decided to join to meet someone. I did not post my photograph at first, just my profile.

I receive a wink from a man named brian schneider and he used his name as his user password. I winked back, and he sent me an e-mail. He suggested I get a yahoo account so we could im each other, and I did.

Within the first week, brian was professing his undying love for me. He said he had been married for fifteen years, and his wife cheated on him with his best friend. He said he had been divorced for 5 years, and his ex and his 15 year old son andrew lived in texas. I gave brian my home telephone number, and he called me. Now he had stated in his writing he was german, but when I spoke with him on the phone I told him his accent was more like from haiti or jamaica-definately not german. His photo was posted on match, as well as in the yahoo account. White male, looked younger than 48, average looking, with a big smile.

Second week brian announced that he would miss me terribly, when I asked why-he said he would be traveling to purchse more gems for his company for two weeks-he was going to africa. He called me the day after travel, and gave me a long telephone number to jot down. We spoke once or twice, and he later said his laptop crashed. I was online reading current news and events when I watched news of a man who's photo was stolen and put on match. I also read all the 'romance scammers' websites and the red flags to look for and I was totally stunned. Brian met every red flag-everyone except asking me for money.

I wrote brian and e-mail I was furious that he had matched all the red flags, and wanted answers. He said he didn't know who was filling my head with lies, and became very angry. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I researched online for his name and the address he had given me. I found a photograph of a older gentleman living at the address brian gave. The phone number was disconnected, and there is no record of andrew schneider in all 50 states. I wrote brian an e-mail last night still concerned for his well being as he said there is a lot of violence in africa he is scheduled to leave there and return to the states the end of the month.

Today I received what I call the cherry on the sundae - a request from brian if I want him to get home safely I should buy him a laptop and send it to him right away. He cannot purchase it himself because according to him he freezes all his bank accounts and credit cards when leaving the states to avoid theft. He had a bad experience in malaysia while he was there purchasing gems, someone stole his bank information. Yeah right.

I have countless e-mails and im from brian schneider-but who is he really. I am thankful to god that I didn't part with any money for this brian schneider, but none the less I feel violated and betrayed-he is definately one of those nigerian scammers. is not protecting their consumers at all - I totally agree with the gentleman who wrote his report about My advise to every woman out there is that this website is not safe - and do your research on romance scammers if you even decide to join one of the websites such as The photograph you are looking at could be some great guy who is already married, and doesn't even know his photo has been stolen and used online. Be weary... No one can protect you but you. If this has happened to you to please write a report, we have a responsibility to inform the public.

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  • Le
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think this is happening to me right now. I have been asked for money though, but was not dumb enough to send it.

  • Se
      2nd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Way to many of these scammers...And many seem to be from Africa. One called...Was from the US...working out of Africa for a few weeks...but his accent was so strong. What a shame! I wish they could do some verification and only allow US users with verified addresses.

  • La
      7th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    After years of hesitation, I placed my profile on and paid for one month through payal. I had fun and sent out a few winks. Within 3 hours of being online, I met a lovely man who claimed to be divorced, wealthy and living in upstate NY. Did I mention how lonely he said he was? He had me go to yahoo IM to chat. We talked for hours. Sometimes his English was good and sommetimes it was broken. He was very romantic and kept professing his undying love for me. I thought it was kind of strange...we ALL know love doesn't happen that quickly.
    I was asked for more pics of myself...I sent them. He told me how stunning I was. I even looked him up on facebook. He had a profile with one friend.
    After talking for a while, he became annoyed that I still had my profile on He said that we should be "exclusive". I didn't mind because he was so sweet.
    He demanded my password. I felt like a child and gave it to him. He said he would cancell my subscription. I went to check my account status oone hour later and found that I could no longer log in. Everything had been changed.
    I emailed him and told him to give me back what was mine or I'd never talk to him again. He was sweet and acted very dumb. He said he was trying to protect me from the creeps.
    I was billed through paypal for my subscription and I've filed a claim. My profile, pictures and words have been stolen. They will be used to scam a poor innocent man out there. cannot be reached by phone to fix all of this.
    I am now afraid that this scammer can get some of my info. Thank goodness my credit is bad and that I consolidated my credit cards.
    I'm just waiting for something worse to happen.
    I was on a cloud for days. He told me exactly what I wanted to hear.
    Ladies, beware! This is not the way to find love.
    I'm totally disgutsed by all of this but I'll move on and put this behind me. Guess he lost interest whenI told him that I was simply a waitress and mother of two who rents an apartment.
    It could have been worse! Please pray that I don't have any more bad surprises!

  • Re
      24th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Location: Dallas, Texas

    Sex: Female

    Rating: *****

    Date: September 22, 2010

    I actually met the guy I dated on EHarmony which is a VERY good screening online service that screens out players". However, he was also on His name is Robert Blount. He touts himself as a BankerinDFW and the whole time we were dating, he was scoping out other women on Match. When I caught him at it - he said he would stop but it took alot of nagging on my part to get him to stop. I personally think its an addiction like porn.

    He enjoyed getting "winks' and come-ons whenever we were having troubles. It boosted his ego and made him feel important. Thing is - he was being untruthful about the fact that he had a girlfriend while on Match! He even lied to one girl and told her he had been single for 3-4 months and was ready for a meaningful relationship when in truth we had just broken up several weeks before.

    Match gives men a feeling that they are desired and there is no "risk". But is is cheating in my mind and these women really believed him.

    So...if you read Robert's bio that says he is a banker that has character and integrity - don't believe it! Try to weed men like that out because there are good men out there for sure.

    When I finally got so upset with him for not canceling his subscription he broke up with me.

    Truth is - 25% of the men on Match are married, many more are already in a relationship and looking around whenever things get hairy in their own.

    It really is sad. My vote goes to EHarmony who kicks men like that off.

    I am sure there are plenty of women who do the same thing - so Buyer Beware! If your gut gives you caution about someone -take heed!

    Many people have found their spouses on Match so it can be a good thing - women - just be VERY VERY careful. Today it seems more like a "booty call" service than anything else. Use it with discretion or switch to EHarmony

  • Ne
      20th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Same thing just happened to me - I think my profile was also stolen. I have been asked by this guy who says his name is Ken Jude Williams from the UK. After a month of lovely sweet-talking words, he is asking me to accept delivery from a Nigerian Securities company for cash that he has gotten from selling land. My name and picture and words were stolen. My picture is probably out there to scam men. It sucks. My advice is to STAY AWAY - it is not worth it. Much better to be alone.

  • Na
      10th of Feb, 2012
    -3 Votes

    Dan Crisp or NaplesEagle, claims he is 54 but is 57, uses this site in Naples florida to meet and sleep with upward of 3-5 women daily. He is smooth, a liar, a predator and a sex addict.

  • Ls
      17th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Name is Jeff, goes by Simon1261 on match. Started dating one of my friends here in Tallahassee but he was already seeing some other woman. As if that doesn't hurt her enough, he's STILL ON MATCH looking for other women to cheat with. He claims he's divorced but i'm not even sure that's true. He knows it hurts her but he doesn't care. ###. Beware of this guy. Hopefully he sees this and knows he's been outed for the liar he is. I feel sorry for his kids.

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