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On sept. 12, I went to Master cuts in Imperial Valley Mall for what I understood to be a model for hair color. Prior to this day I was approached by hair stylist Yesenia about being her model for a color test she had with her manager. I was explained that the service would be free of charge and that the service would be supervised by the salon manager.

On sept. 12 when I arrived the salon manager was unaware that Yesenia and I were there to do this service. As service begins salon manager seems to be doing her day to day activities with minimal supervision over the work Yesenia was doing on me.
Yesenia treated me very well and kept asking me questions as to what it was I wanted. Unfortunately, Yesenia was not able to deliver on the hair color I wanted.

My hair was overly bleached and left dry. There were defined lines where you can tell where my hair color started and where the bleach lines began as well. The toning of the hair left the top half of my hair in an orange color while the rest was extremely blonde almost white.

When I noticed all the imperfections I contacted Yesenia to her personal number she provided for me on her card. I explained my issue and situation to her and she agreed to fix it the next day.

When I arrive to the salon the next day I expressed I would rather have my hair back to it brown state then to add more bleach or anything more damaging to my hair. But with a service fee for the tint on my hair. To my confusion i agreed but again I thought this would be fixed free of charge.

Yesenia assured me the whole time that I would not pay at all for the service for the modeling and for the correction of the previous job.

I was still charged and given a discount but I would like to know why I had to pay for a botched job.

One of which was not supervised in any way shape or form.

I will be attaching pictures of what I asked for, what I got with the service and how it was fixed.

I don't think it was correct for me to pay for a job that


Sep 13, 2017
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  • Li
      Sep 13, 2017

    As far as the charge goes, I am somewhat confused, if this was all supposed to be free, why did you hand your credit card over at all? Since she kept insisting that you would not have to pay, what was her reasoning for asking for money or credit card? That part was kind of confusing. I guess I understand why they charged for the correction, as when you are offered a free service by someone in training, its kind of at your own risk. I made the mistake of going to a salon my cousin was working at. She had finished her schooling and I was told the salon owner would be overseeing the cut, so I figured it would be fine. Nope. She chopped my hair, did an awful job and the owner didn't even bother coming to watch until the very end, at which point he pointed out every single mistake that she made, basically calling out every flaw in my haircut and using it as a "teaching" moment. I had to pretend I liked it, because she was my cousin. My husband had also gone for a haircut from her, but after how horrible she did on mine, the salon owner took over and did my husbands hair himself, and had my cousin observe as he explained each cut and why you do it this way or use a razor for this part, etc. Wish he had shown up for mine lol I didn't have to pay, but I was told that if I wanted to have her do my hair color, I would have to pay for the product being used. Since she couldn't handle a simple haircut, I didn't bother with letting her color my hair.

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