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209 Lower Richmond Road, Putney
England, Greater London
United Kingdom - SW151HJ

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Atelier-M London Complaints & Reviews

Atelier-M London / laser hair removal

Jan 16, 2017

M Atelier is the worst salon I have ever visited in my life. Very unprofesional and rude. I have paid for full body laser hair removal, and I have no results at all. She made me to buy another 6 sessions so in total I have paid for 12 sessions which were waist of money. Every single...

Atelier-M London / complaint about the salon and owner

Oct 21, 2016

I was visiting friends near the salon and passed by seeing that they had an offer for laser hair removal. The salon was closed despite saying open on Mondays and then wed-Saturday. I was ringing the bell and called the salon but there was no response. Eventually a few days later I got...

Atelier M London / mink eyelash extensions

Aug 21, 2016

This is in regards to comments the manager, Meeta, made on another complaint about her on this website, however for some reason my reply will not send to her on there, therefore I will set up a new complaint so she can see my reply through this. This woman is deluded. You are not fooling...

Atelier-M London / semi permanent makeup

Jul 13, 2016

I purchased a groupon voucher for semi permanent make up on 1 March 2016. I contacted the salon to make an appointment and was told I needed a test patch done before they could start the treatment which I did. I then went along a week later where I laid on the bed and she started on the...

Atelier M London / semi permanent makeup purchased via groupon

Mar 09, 2016

Like a number of other complaints on this site in reference to this Putney based salon I have also encountered issues redeeming my voucher for semi permanent makeup purchased via Groupon. I attended a consultation several weeks back where they did a patch test to check I wasn't allergic to...

Atelier M London / false and disruptive accusations towards salon

Jul 25, 2014

I have written now several times to you and explained to you that I want your site taken off ASAP from my listings it is effecting my buisness It's say scam !!! these are untrue accusations to the salon and is ruining to the salon these are Groupon people who have written this and are...

Atelier M London / avoid!!! scam!!

May 24, 2013

I paid £125 on wowcher for IPL laser hair removal at atelier m London. 8 session for upper lip and Hollywood. I completed the 8 and the manager kept urging me to get more. Stupidly I then paid £75 for 6 more sessions. I had one session of the 6 in January and got a phone call...

Atelier m-London / bad atmosphere

Sep 29, 2012

Atelier m-London is beauty salon. I bought voucher for sis appointments. When I came there they asked if I have voucher or I will pay smth. I told that I have voucher and after that time they started behaving like I am waste of space. It is not acceptable. I will talk to their director. Bad atmosphere.