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I have 4 prepaids and went in for a 1.5 hour massage. I had a nice relaxing massage and after exiting the building I heard my name called by a person chasing me to "get a new credit card number".
I just got a new one and did not have it on me. I was not too worried since I had 4 prepaids and told her I would give her the number(future time)

At 9pmish I received a call from the "managers" personal cell phone(she was not even at the store) asking for a credit card..."so I can pay my therapist"!!!
She stated my account is suspended!!!First I heard of it...with no explanation as to why.

Since I had 4 prepaids I asked her why she could not use them...initially she said she could not use anything and tried to make me think it is a computer"corporate" problem.

Then she said she could use 1 session(1 hour )and I would need to pay the other half hour!!!

That is one explained that to me when I made my appointment. They said"you have 4 prepaids" and left it at that(I have never had more than an hour appointment so this was new to me)

I told the manager I was taking a walk...which I credit card on me...and I am NOT relinquishing that number. My payments are taken out automatically from my checking account.

I am going to call corporate and get my prepaids refunded...all the relaxation I acheived was ruined by their staffs actions after the massage...VERY unprofessional.


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      Aug 25, 2009

    I work at a Massage Envy, and as much as I have MANY complaints about my boss and his running of the place you, and people like you, make my job WAY harder. If you would bother to read your membership information, or ask questions when signing up, you would know that one of those pre-paid massages can't be split. Its in writing, in at least two places. And they shouldn't've let you USE your pre-paids until you fixed the problem with your payments. They contract clearly states that to use your pre-paids your membership has to be in good standing, meaning all payments must be up to date.

    There are PLENTY of things wrong with Massage Envy, you don't need to make up new ones just because you were too lazy to read the fine print on something you signed up for. Yes, the chasing you, and calling you late at night were un-professional (any of MY people who did that would have been chewed out), however, if you pay something on a monthly basis and you miss a billing, or more, then why didn't you ask about it? or did you just think that we forgot?

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      Dec 08, 2009

    I used to work at Massage Envy. So, I'm an insider. When your credit card isn't updated in the system your pre paids are not available until your credit card is updated. By the way, updating your credit card would have only taken out the payment that was supposed to come out that month and it would have given you another pre paid (so you would then have 5). It's part of your contract under the second paragraph you intialed that basically says in order to receive your monthly massages you must be CURRENT AND ACTIVE (not suspended or frozen) and YOUR CARD MUST BE UP TO DATE. If you're suspended, it means NOTHING came out of your account that month and just because you had pre paids doesn't mean you can just skip a month or two without updating. Oh, and PRE PAIDS ARE ONE HOUR. If you were smart, you would have just gotten a two hour or maybe read your contract. It's all in fine print. Good luck getting corporate to refund anything. They are stricter then clinics are because when you actually work with the clinic they will help you on a case by case basis.

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