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Massage Envy / terrible business practices

1 Centennial/DurangoLas Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

I have been with Massage Envy for over a year, close to two years. I never had a complaint about the massages themselves. But then I had to have a surgery, and then my brother passed away, then it was the holidays, then my job changed - anyway I was not able to use my prepaid massages. When it got to the point that I had seven prepaid massages, I went in to cancel my membership. They handed me the form for my signature - but I read the paper which stated that the next months fee would not be taken from my account, but I would LOSE my prepaids. If I stop paying the monthly fee - I become a non-active member and will not be allowed to get the massages that I have already paid for!!!

Also, after discussing this nonsense with some co-workers, I found out that among the six of us talking, five of us had memberships, but I was the only one paying $59/mon, everyone else was paying $39/mon on their contracts!! When I comfronted the manager about this I was told that this was not possible and I must be mistaken - but why would anyone lie about this. When I gave them the names of the others, they verified that a "mistake" had been made on their contracts and would be corrected.

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  • Ez
      8th of May, 2009
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    It's like a gym membership, when you cancel your are no longer a member, and therefore don't get to use the gym. When you cancel your gym membership, you don't get money back for months that you don't go, you are just no longer a member. With Massage Envy, at least when you don't have time to go, you don't lose your massages, they stay in your account for a s long as you are a member. You should just remain a member until you use all you massages, and then cancel, make it a great month and go twice a week!!! Sounds like a great month to me!

  • An
      15th of May, 2009
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    This would be the first and last time I visit this center. I am used to a professional spa and masseuse. I do not feel comfortable having the therapist talk to me about personal details of what is going on in the office neither there personal life outside of work. I find this very unprofessional and the staff needs to get properly trained, educated, or terminated. I will not recommend this place ever.

  • Ti
      27th of May, 2009
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    I have to agree with the poor business practice, I signed up for a 6 month contact after my first massage (which I loved), I asked the right questions (burned in the past from contracts) wanted to be sure that when my six month contract was up that the contract was over, no tricks or hidden clauses. I was assured at that time it was over at the end of the 6 months, NOT, my debit card was charged on the 7th month. I called and was assured it wouldn't happen the following month. Instead of a refund I said I would come in to use my free massages that I didn't get to due to new job and holidays. This happened again on the 8th month and again on the 9th month before I was finally told I had to come in to sign a cancellation form or they could fax me a copy (never received by fax) so I went to cancel my membership in person, received my refund, when the lady behind the counter preceded to tell me that my contract says when my 6 months were up, that I would still be billed until I came into sign the cancellation paperwork...I asked her how come I wasn't told this when I repeatedly asked about the contract and how many people read the fine print for a massage company. She did apologize for the miscommunication on their part. Oh, I lost my free massages also once I signed the cancellation paperwork. So, all I can say, always beware of the fine print in contracts..massages were GREAT, contracts BEWARE.

    North Las Vegas

  • Jo
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    I can't believe this place. Purchased a 12 month subscription only to find out you need to use them before the end of the 12 months. But, the put the membership on a gift card. This is where they will get into legal trouble (at least in California) as it's illegal to have expiration dates on gift cards. I'm pursuing legal action.

  • Pi
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    I am a Massage Therapist with Massage Envy and I am sad to say that I agree with many of the complaints listed here.
    Not only are these franchise opperated by folks who have NO CLUE what the description of a Massage Therapist is they also lack customer service skills and much required business sense.
    The membership and it's upgrades are a waste of money! The pay recieved as a Therapist is beyond insulting for as hard as they expect us to work. Regardless of these conditions I have been forced to remain at Massage Envy due to the economy and lack of jobs.

    Pissed off in Las Vegas!!!
    These companies ARE unprofessional and uneducated as are the employees they choose to represent the front desk!
    As a Therapist my main concern is the well being of my client regardless of my working conditions I will ALWAYS see to it that my massage exceeds my clients expectations!!!

  • Qu
      16th of Nov, 2010
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    you really should quit with all of your negative energy. it isn't healthy for you or the people you are supposed to be healing. go get a job at walmart. then you might have a basis for complaining.

  • Qu
      16th of Nov, 2010
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    loathsome = unpaid stooge!!! 234 posts on this forum! get a life!!!

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