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I feel bad for the decent massage therapists that actually work for this place. Yes, there are some that know what they are doing, but then there are others that don’t’ know what the hell is going on besides the fact that they have 40 minutes to harm and destroy people. My first massage there was great. I felt refreshed and wonderful, so I was hooked when they spoke of the monthly membership. However, as previously stated, life happens. There are hurricanes, deaths, job loss, school situations, etc. It is only natural that people forget that they have been accruing massages at a third rate "health and wellness" facility. By the time Spring Break rolled around, I decided that I would take advantage of the massages. I went to ME and asked for a deep tissue massage. They had just the guy for me! I can say that the gentlemen was very nice and professional, but there are certain things that are not done. Such as when someone is wincing and verbally expressing their pain, to say, "Just work through the pain. Its because of you that your body is so tight and stressed." At one point, I had to stop the massage to take a breather. Long story short, I wake up the next day to find my back in intense pain. He had warned me that I may experience mild difficulties, so I brushed it off and took some Advil and spent the day in pain. I decided to go back, which was a mistake. I told them what had happened and he gave me some ###-a-ninny excuse as to what had happened. The second massage led to such intense pain, that on March 27, I went to the emergency room bc my back had completely gone out.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TXMind you, I have never had back pain in my life, nor have i ever suffered internal bruising from a massage before. I am a fit, 25 year old female. The doctor at the hospital told me that he believes that the intensity of the back massage had caused bruising and then triggered muscle spasms. Without insurance, this incident would cost me 10, 000, but luckily I may have to just pay 20% of that. Oh, and I missed school, work, and social activities because of the pain. I was told not to contact ME, until all my insurance issues were cleared. Last week, I called and told them the situation and was prepared to give them the documentation from the hospital and follow up doctors appointments. All I wanted was for them to reimburse me for the two massages I received that caused injury and for them to give me money for the massages I never used. They were unwilling and rude when i spoke with them. The new manager admitted guilt that it has been known that there are some therapists that are very heavy handed and she could believe that I got hurt! Yet, they would not budge on the issue of compensating me for the massages. Then they told me that my membership had ended in April and that I lost massaged. Funny, when i was there, I spoke with the girl about my membership and told her to keep drafting my card, knowing all too well from others that I would lose my massages once I stopped my membership. Long story short, do not go to this place. They smear the name of the massage industry with their cheap massages and horrible management. I have contacted a personal injury attorney and I am willing to take this to the next level.

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      Jul 24, 2009

    I completely agree!!! I just had a massage at me in hyde park (cincinnati). I went because I have pain from running and working out. however, I spent the entire session in the most excruciating pain I have ever been in in my life, and in the morning, my legs hurt sooo bad I could not even walk, let alone run, which I was hoping would be easier and free of pain after a massage. I will never go back to massage envy again, cannot believe I actually had to pay for such torture, and urge everyone not to go to them either. they are a horrible excuse for a massage parlor.

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      Aug 29, 2009

    Do you people ever tell your terapists that your hurting during the treatment... I'm a massage therapist from a NY office. I just moved to nevada. I always tell people before the treatment and ask a few more times during the treatment, hows the pressure... You've probably had bad therapists and yes that is the companies fault. I've worked with bad therapists before...

    I've worked with bad companies with good therapists too. Don't blame the company, blame the owners. The is a franchise. I consider myself very professional and good what I do and I know its har to see who is good before you enter their room...

    Just felt like stating my opinion..

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      Nov 16, 2011

    I am interested in hearing more about your 'case' against Massage Envy. I had a similar situation. During my session, the therapist manipulated my neck/cervical spine so hard that I literally could not breathe. I immediately told him it was way too much pressure and that it was excruciating. He said that he "had to work deep into the muscles and connective tissue" and a litle pain was normal. Long story short-I drove straight to the ER and my life has been a disaster ever since. I went to several doctors-had trigger point injections, etc bc nobody thought that it could be anything more than just severe muscle spasms/ etc from the massage. I finally found a great specialist who immediately ordered an MRI-I have two ruptured discs in my back and am now considered 'disabled.'
    My boss was patient at first with my absences and lower standard of work (missed deadlines, etc) but eventually he and our HR Manager decided to contact my doctor for more information. His findings were that I was disabled and; therefore, covered by ADA. Dr suggested a few reasonable accomodations, but the only one my work agreed to was a one month unpaid leave of absence to start last Monday. I was fired on Wednesday. I only have a couple more weeks of insurance, am a single mom of three and cannot afford COBRA. In order to collect unemployment, you have to able to work; I am currently disabled so I don't know if I will be able to collect or not. Meanwhile, I have had two cervical epidurals to relieve the pain-my dr said he would do one more but if that didn't help enough I would have to have surgery. How am I going to have surgery and recover with no job, no income, no insurance. etc etc. If anyone else has a similar situation and is willing to talk about it, please let me know. I am looking for an attorney to help me with this (may have found one last night, but not sure if he is taking the case)

    thanks for reading-good luck to all!

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      Dec 04, 2013

    File a complaint about the therapist and the company to the State of Texas

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